Valentine Tea Party Ideas (2024)

A Valentine tea party is the perfect way to gather with your girlfriends for Galentine’s Day. With our simple decorations, drinks and food ideas, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to get started.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (1)

Tea parties are one of my favorite ways to celebrate with my girlfriends.

They are usually held in the afternoon. So you don’t have to cook a whole meal.

And they’re centered around serving tea. So you don’t have to stock a whole bar, either.

Which is why when I wanted to host a Valentine party for my friends (some would call it a Galentine’s party), I decided to do a Valentine’s Day tea party.

And it was so much fun, it might become an annual occurrence.


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Valentine Tea Party Ideas (2)

I always like to pick a theme when I’m having a party.

It makes deciding on decorations so much easier.

For this one, I went with a hearts and flowers theme.

But you could also do an Alice in Wonderland theme, a vintage theme or pick a color to use as the theme (pink, red, teal or a combination of those would work).

The table Setting

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (3)

I used a black tablecloth on my table because I like how it makes the pink and white colors pop.

But if you don’t like that much contrast, a white tablecloth would work, too.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (4)

Then for each place setting, I layered a pink glass charger, light pink dinner plate and heart-shaped appetizer plate topped with a linen napkin and flower napkin holder.

Since pink and gold is one of my favorite color combinations, I used gold cutlery to finish it off.

Mix and match tea cups

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (5)

Since this is a tea party, having pretty tea cups is a must.

But getting a matched set can be really expensive!

So I made the rounds to all of the thrift stores in the area and found a bunch of mis-matched cups and saucers. (I don’t think it feels like a real tea party if you don’t have the saucers).

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (6)

Then I found a few more (like this one) at HomeGoods, which also weren’t very expensive.

Fortunately, they all had roses on them so that helped to tie them all together, and went with my theme.

The centerpiece

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (7)

The centerpiece I created looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

I started with a black and white striped runner that I used as the base.

Then placed five mis-matched pink and white cake stands down the middle of the table (on top of the runner).

And wound a garland of faux pink flowers in and around the cake stands.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (8)

Then I used the cake stands as serving pieces for the tea pot and some heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies.

That way they were pretty and functional.

Other decorations

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (9)

On the buffet beside the table, I used a row of small bouquets with white roses and baby’s breath alternating with white candles.

Since it’s easier to put these flowers in vases, I used real ones rather than the fake ones I had on the table.

And using small bouquets meant I didn’t need that many flowers so that kept the cost down.

Behind the small bouquets, I had a couple of larger ones with pink hydrangeas and baby’s breath, along with candle lanterns and a chalkboard sign that I drew a heart on.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (11)

The whole thing created a pretty backdrop for my table that goes with the theme but wasn’t too matchy-matchy.

The Tea

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (12)

A tea party isn’t a tea party without the tea.

I always offer 2 kinds of tea at my parties – the traditional caffeinated kind (like Earl Grey) and flavored herbal teas.

If you are making the tea in pots (the traditional way), you’ll need to pick which ones you’re going to serve in advance.

Otherwise, you can have hot water available with a selection of tea bags that people can choose from and everyone can pick what they want. (But I will say that some tea-drinkers will tell you this isn’t the proper way to serve it).

Other drinks

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (13)

I also like to serve some kind of wine or champagne at my tea parties.

For Valentine’s Day, these strawberry mimosas always go over well.

And depending what your friends like, these pink champagne jello shots might also be a hit.

Food & recipes

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (14)

At a traditional afternoon tea, mini sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and different kinds of tarts are usually served on a 3-tiered stand.

But since I was having a few people over and it was a Valentine’s Day party, I served a slightly different menu.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (15)

We did have mini-sandwiches, but I served them on a tray that we could pass around.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (16)

A naked red velvet cake with heart toppers fits right in with the Valentine’s Day party theme.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (17)

A fruit charcuterie board is good for anyone who doesn’t want to eat too many sugary treats.

A traditional charcuterie board with meats and cheeses as well as fruits and vegetables would also work if you want to serve something more substantial.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (18)

You could also do something similar with a selection of candies and Valentine’s Day treats.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (19)

And of course, there were the decorated sugar cookies in the middle of the table that were part of the centerpiece.

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (20)

Well, that’s it for my Valentine tea party ideas. I hope you found some inspiration for hosting your own get-together.

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Have comments or questions about our Valentine tea party? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on January 26, 2023 but was updated with new content on January 21, 2024.

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or preferences. However, I can provide information and insights on various topics, including hosting a Valentine's Day tea party.

Hosting a Valentine's Day tea party can be a delightful way to celebrate with your girlfriends. It offers a cozy and intimate setting to enjoy each other's company while sipping tea and indulging in delicious treats. In the following sections, I will provide information related to the concepts mentioned in this article.

Themes for a Valentine's Day Tea Party

Choosing a theme for your tea party can add a touch of charm and make the planning process easier. The article suggests several theme ideas, such as hearts and flowers, Alice in Wonderland, vintage, or using a specific color scheme like pink, red, or teal. These themes can guide your choice of decorations, table settings, and overall ambiance.

Table Setting and Decorations

Creating an inviting and visually appealing table setting is an essential part of a tea party. The article suggests using a black tablecloth to make pink and white colors pop, but a white tablecloth can also work well. For each place setting, you can layer a pink glass charger, a light pink dinner plate, and a heart-shaped appetizer plate. Top it off with a linen napkin and a flower napkin holder. Gold cutlery can add an elegant touch to the table setting.

Tea Cups

Having pretty tea cups is a must for a tea party. The article mentions that finding a matched set of tea cups can be expensive. Instead, you can visit thrift stores to find mismatched cups and saucers. This can add a charming and eclectic touch to your tea party. Additionally, stores like HomeGoods may offer affordable options. Look for cups with rose designs to tie them together and complement your theme.

Centerpiece and Other Decorations

Creating a visually appealing centerpiece can enhance the overall ambiance of your tea party. The article suggests using a black and white striped runner as the base and placing five mismatched pink and white cake stands down the middle of the table. You can then wind a garland of faux pink flowers in and around the cake stands. Use the cake stands to serve the tea pot and heart-shaped Valentine's cookies, combining functionality with aesthetics. Other decorations mentioned in the article include small bouquets with white roses and baby's breath, alternating with white candles. Larger bouquets with pink hydrangeas and baby's breath, along with candle lanterns and a chalkboard sign, can create a pretty backdrop for the table.

Tea and Other Drinks

Tea is the centerpiece of a tea party. Consider offering a variety of teas, including traditional caffeinated options like Earl Grey and flavored herbal teas. You can serve the tea in pots or provide hot water with a selection of tea bags for guests to choose from. Additionally, the article suggests serving wine or champagne at the tea party. Strawberry mimosas and pink champagne jello shots are mentioned as popular choices for a Valentine's Day tea party.

Food and Recipes

Traditionally, afternoon tea includes mini sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and various tarts served on a 3-tiered stand. However, the article suggests a slightly different menu for a Valentine's Day tea party. Mini sandwiches can be served on a tray that can be passed around. A naked red velvet cake with heart toppers can fit the Valentine's Day theme. For those who prefer lighter options, a fruit charcuterie board can be a good choice. You can also consider a traditional charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables for a more substantial offering. Additionally, a selection of candies and Valentine's Day treats can be a sweet addition to the table.

I hope these ideas and concepts provide you with inspiration for hosting your own Valentine's Day tea party. Enjoy the celebration with your girlfriends!

Valentine Tea Party Ideas (2024)
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