The TRUE Meaning Behind 'Flowers In The Attic' REVEALED.. (2023)


The TRUE Meaning Behind 'Flowers In The Attic' REVEALED..

Welcome back to Scene Frenzy, today on this channel we are going to talk about “ Bridgerton star breaks down ‘Flowers in the attic’ + Bridgerton season 3 reveals first look at recast character” Lifetime's prequel series Flowers in the Attic: The Origin concluded on Saturday with a dramatic finale, with the show's story leading into the original 2014 TV movie Flowers in the Attic.

In the finale, Hannah Dodd's Corrine Foxworth and Jemima Rooper's Olivia locked Corrine's four children in the attic. They promised it would be for one night but in Flowers in the Attic, the children spent years hidden away. In the final seconds of the finale, Corrine initially looks neutral before switching to a more sinister facial expression. Bridgerton season 3 is currently filming, so it was only a matter of time before we got our first look at Hannah Dodd as Francesca. Check this video out and stay updated!

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Don't you just love when our favorite movies are turned in the series? We feel that it helps create deeper characters and we really get to know about everyone's backstories, which can be difficult to manage in a time-specific film flowers in the attic based on vc andrew's novel has been adapted to a series and like the books, it has created quite the stir.

Let's get right to it.

First off the main lead is also in the bridgeton cast.

As we all know, ruby stokes, who plays francesca bridgeton in netflix's beloved season, has left the show and will be replaced by hannah dodd yeah.

It's pretty sad to see a familiar face, leave, but does a pretty decent actress and we're sure she'd fill the shoes.

Well, her acting in flowers in the attic has been phenomenal and, while she's great, she said that filling an existing role in bridgeton, which the audience has identified with, feels a little tough.

Oh, we completely get it hannah, but we also think you got this girl moving on.

What's the big deal, this must have been a pretty difficult world to play.

The books were quite dark and got a lot of criticism due to the subjects, disgust, incest and child abuse, keeping in mind that the books came out in 1979.

We aren't really surprised there was a huge controversy around them and they were also banned in various places.

While it has been adapted to a movie before the new four-part series is quite the hit.

Hannah dodd is seen playing corrine foxworth a lead character, who has her own set of tribulations to deal with the season is as twisted as it gets, and you can't help but feel sorry for some of the characters and the sort of web they are stuck in.

Just looking at the trailer makes it quite evident that this one will be a horror thriller and the makers have delivered that's for sure, because we were hooked right till the end.

This is one of those series in which everything is normal and hunky-dory on the surface, but as you get involved, you start to see cracks in that picture-perfect story.

Series like this also leave us with a lot of food for thought.

The character development is pretty strong and the decisions that each character takes and the way it impacts lives all around them is a journey that is full of truth, dawnings and whatnot.

We aren't saying you won't be sickened by some things, but we can guarantee that this is art and here's the virgin star breaking down flowers in the attic.

We do see the character, making a huge shift and we're sure it wasn't easy for the lead actress having to convince people of one thing only for that character to flip completely is a pretty tough spot to be in we'll give her that, for a good part of the series, corrine is shown as this sickly sweet woman who's been dealt a bad hand having to raise four children on her own and having to win back the affection of her rich parents who are sadists.

To be honest, we see her making tough choices and being cornered, and we really feel her helplessness, but there's this uneasy feeling looming at all times.

Something seems off.

We just can't figure out what and, as we come to a close, it is revealed that the real monster has always been her.

Hannah has talked about the switch quite a bit and how she didn't want to make it obvious in the beginning.

She said I didn't want it to be this sudden switch, but at the same time, it's nice to show that glimmer of what is to come.

While nothing is for sure we see the truth come out in the way.

Hannah's facial expression, change and the way she walks away.

We think the acting has been superb and we could have never guessed such a finale.

This one is a must watch and finally, what's the next for the series, so as thrilling as this has been, it seems that we might not have another season.

The reason there aren't a lot of directors in which the show can go talking to the media hannah said.

Obviously, the next step is flowers in the attic and that has been made.

So I wonder if there is a demand for it we're sad to admit this, but she's right.

The writers will have to come up with pretty creative ideas to bring this back to the screen and our lead actress did have some ideas of her own she's mentioned an angel which can discover what is happening outside the attic all the while, and we really think that there's something to explore here.

You know us we can't help but want more of a good thing, and we do hope we get to see more of this dark thriller.

Let's move on to the latest news and updates.

First off flowers in the attic fans faced a major crisis, we're living in the age of the internet and once something has been said, it takes a minute for the memes and spoilers to hit our screens that just makes scrolling down our feeds a task, because no, we don't want to know anything fans faced a similar situation when they missed the movie's finale and were left inquiring where they could watch it.

We can't even imagine the stress of trying to find the last part while making sure nothing reveals the ending whoa unable to find a way to stream the series they looked to the internet and began asking for a solution.

The thing is: you'd have to view it via cable or satellite tv services.

Video on demand feature because lifetime isn't planning to rerun.

The episode signing up for their streaming platform can also get fans access to the movie.

If that seems like a pricey option, the series is also available for purchase on platforms like apple tv plus and prime video.

We really think that the series should have been more readily available and for everyone who missed it on tv, we feel your pain but do check out the options we've mentioned.

We're sure you'll find a solution.

Happy watching.

Next up hannah has started filming for bridgeton filming for bridgeton season.

3 is in full swing and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

The latest news we've had is that hannah playing francesca bridgeton has started filming for the series dressed in those gorgeous gowns she's, going from a starkly different role and era to netflix's most awaited season.

While this character has been part of the series since the beginning season, 3 will be the first time when we'll be officially introduced to it.

We're sure that the writers have come up with an amazing storyline for this bridgeton sister as well.

Hannah has talked about being a fan.

Having read the books, she's quite excited to join the story as colin and penelope's love story.

Unfolds she's also mentioned that her time of the cast has been incredible and we're so jealous talking about the character and the love fans have shown this season.

She said that there's a lot of pressure and that she wants to do her best in this role with hannah's experience, we're sure she'll bring something great to the show and that her audition will be felt.

The filming is in progress in the south of london and photos of her and jonathan bridgeton have surfaced on fan pages.

We're happy to report that both of them look brilliant and very in character, and finally, it looks like kate and anthony are returning to our screens.

Of course, these bridgette updates help us breathe easy and we are making sure that we keep you up to date on all the latest happenings in the second season.

We saw kate and anthony, develop feelings for each other and by the end of it they were a happy couple, but that happened towards the end and we really want to know more about their romance.

Don't we well, it seems that the writers sensed it too, because photos from the set of the series have both the characters along with the rest of the family.

While season 2 saw very little of daphne and simon, we were praying that the same doesn't happen with these two.

We want to see more of anthony as a man in love.

After all, his character, development has been absolutely amazing from a controlling figure to a man in love with and married to an independent and opinionated woman.

He really has come a long way as excited as weird to see the two on set.

We can't say for sure how meaty their part is in the upcoming season.

While it has been established that season 3 is dedicated to colin and penelope.

We are sure that we'll be able to enjoy the romance between the newly married couple quite a bit we'll keep on sharing more information as we get it so stay tuned.

That's a wrap for this video.

Do you think people will be interested to see more of flowers in the attic? Let us know in the comments below make sure to give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and press that bell icon for the latest information and news like this see you in the next one.

So you.


What is the message of Flowers in the Attic? ›

The main themes of Flowers in the Attic are familial abuse and revenge. Corinne suffers emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her parents. She then turns a blind eye when her own children are put through psychological abuse by their grandmother.

Who was the father of the children in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Christopher Dollanganger, Sr.: Corinne's first husband, he is the father of the children. He was Malcolm's younger half-brother, making him Corinne's half-uncle. He is described as a wonderful father who could not bear to be separated from his children for longer than five days.

What is Flowers in the Attic origin story about? ›

The four-part series Flowers in the Attic: The Origin delves into the early life of Olivia, who after marrying the handsome, charismatic Malcolm Foxworth, finds that what she thought would be an idyllic life is actually a nightmare. In the series, Jemima Rooper plays Olivia with Max Irons as Malcolm.

What is the family secret in Flowers in the Attic? ›

It turns out that the children were hidden because they are stains on the Foxworth name and legacy. They are bred from incest where Christopher and Corrine, are half uncle/ half brother and sister. Flowers in the Attic the Origin is written by understudy and Ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman.

Why was the mother disowned in Flowers in the Attic? ›

The children naively believe their mother's promises that they will soon be let out of the attic, after she reconciles with her father who disowned her years ago for marrying her half-uncle (of similar age to her).

Is the grandmother evil in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Olivia Foxworth, (Formally Winfield), was the antagonist of Flowers in the Attic. Her backstory was revealed in Garden of Shadows. Olivia Foxworth is the strictly religious wife of Malcolm Foxworth and mother of Malcolm Jr., Joel, and Corrine Foxworth and the cruel and wicked grandmother of the Dollanganger children.

Who is Corrine's real mother Flowers in the Attic? ›

In Garden of Shadows, her biological mother is revealed to be Alicia, who was locked up in the attic during her pregnancy with Corrine and Olivia fakes pregnancy to pass Corrine off as hers and never told Corrine the truth about not being her mother.

Was Christopher and Corrine brother and sister? ›

As well as being half-uncle and niece, it is revealed Chris and Corinne were three-quarter brother and sister as they shared the same mother but their fathers were father and son, making them more closely related than half siblings but less than full siblings.

Did Corrine marry her brother in Flowers in the Attic? ›

The reasoning being that Malcolm disapproved of Corrine's marriage because her husband was his half-brother, meaning her marriage was incestuous, as she married her half-uncle to the anger of Olivia and Malcolm.

Was the mother and father siblings in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Cathy and Chris learned that their parents were half-uncle and half-niece, (later revealed as half siblings) and had eloped together years before.

How were the mother and father in Flowers in the Attic related? ›

The reason for this is that — surprise! — Mom and Dad were related! Whoops! Dad was the half-brother of Mom's father, though only three years older than her, and so when they met it was teenage love at first sight except for the part where they're related and EWWWWWWWWWW.

Why did Corinne leave Garland? ›

The sequel, Out of the Attic, chronicled Corrine's difficulties of being married to a workaholic, and her failed attempt to raise their son, Malcolm. She falls in love with an artist and runs away with him, leaving behind Garland to raise their son.

Why did they lock the kids in the attic in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Flowers in the Attic sold over 40 million copies and has ardent fans as prominent as author Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame. The concept — kids locked in an attic so their mother can inherit the family fortune — is infamously lurid but an undeniable guilty pleasure.

Who is Alicia in Flowers in the Attic the origin? ›

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin (TV Mini Series 2022– ) - Alana Boden as Alicia Foxworth - IMDb.

What happened to Chris and Cathy in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Before they can leave, Chris is killed in a car accident- mirroring their father's death. His death leaves everyone devastated. No one is more heartbroken than Cathy, who loses the will to live and dies in her sleep in the attic a year later.

Did the mom marry her uncle in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Plot Summary

Cathy's mother Corrine, unable to provide for her family, decides to move back in with her rich parents; however, Corrine's father long ago cut ties with her after she married her half-uncle. Corrine tells her children they must secretly live in the mansion's attic or the family won't inherit a dime.

What happened to Corrine in Flowers in the Attic? ›

In a selfless act, Corrine goes back into the burning house to rescue Cathy and knocks John Amos unconscious when she sees him trying to kill Cathy. But as she gets outside, her dress goes up in flames and she chokes on the smoke. Despite trying to help her, Corrine's heart gives out and she dies.

What happened to Cory's body in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Cory died in October, almost at the beginning of winter – the attics artic conditions meant his body would decompose slowly almost being preserved but come summer and the extreme heat up there the decomposition would be acellarated giving off the stench , however within six months the attic condition s would come again ...

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