The 25 best Valentine's Day gifts for him that he'll actually love (2024)

Some men might be happy with a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Your guy? Not so much. If you're looking to bring the romance without breaking the bank, I've got you covered with this list of the best Valentine's Day gifts for him.

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"The best gift to give your partner is one that shows you listen to and observe them. These gifts often carry sentimental value, and while they may not be the most expensive, they are of the highest quality," Dr. Shaakira Stewart, a psychologist and mental health advocate, tells Yahoo Life. So, before you work your way down this list of gift ideas for men, rack your brain to see if your sweetheart has mentioned anything he's been eyeing ahead of Valentine's Day 2024. If all else fails, Stewart recommends going with "something your partner can use," whether it's a new air freshener for his car or a Yeti tumbler to keep his drink cold. Maybe your guy doesn't want something tangible this year. In that case, give him an experience he'll never forget — maybe a year's worth of visits to U.S. national parks or a Tinggly gift voucher so he can pick from 9,000-plus activities for two.

As Yahoo's gifting expert, it's my job to help you find unique gifts for the people you love most. And trust me: I know boyfriends, husbands and dads can be notoriously hard to shop for. That's why I've included items I've personally given to the men in my life (my boyfriend is obsessed with the Cozy Earth pajama pants), along with some other Yahoo reader favorites with glowing reviews.

Once you've got him out of the way, check out this list of Valentine's Day gifts for the other people who make your heart skip a beat.

Valentine's Day gifts for him under $25


Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

Sure, your guy is cool and all, but that doesn't mean he can handle the winter chill. This cuffed knit classic is a fan favorite on Amazon, with a near-perfect rating and thousands of reviews pointing out its durability and — most importantly — warmth. "My husband looks so rugged and handsome in this hat, I get a tingle every time," one happy customer wrote about the "five-star hat."

$10 at Amazon

$20 at Zappos$20 at Lowe's


Compartes Woodford Reserve Chocolate Gift Box

Whiskey and chocolate make the perfect pair, and this gift box is proof. These truffles aren't boozy per se, but they're inspired by the sweet, fruity flavor of Woodford Reserve's Double Oaked Bourbon. The four flavors: pear nutmeg, butterscotch, oak smoked salt caramel and maple pecan.

$25 at Compartes


Funko Pocket Pop Star Wars Valentines Day Box

Because he's still a kid at heart, break open this heart-shaped box to reveal four pint-size Star Wars figurines. They're decked out to look just like Valentine's Day chocolates wrapped in red foil.

$15 at Walmart


Servd Couples Card Game

You've been, well, servd. Divide the card deck in half, then dish out cards to each other whenever (and wherever) you want. Cards include a mix of friendly (and not-so-friendly) challenges — everything from swapping meals during your next date night to becoming your partner's personal masseuse.

$25 at Amazon


Drift Car Wood Air Freshener

Does he basically spend half of his day in the car (or so it seems)? Then grab this wooden air freshener to ensure things stay — well, smell — fresh. Go for the teak scent if he likes things musky and masculine, or amber if he'd rather have something a bit more subdued.

$13 at Amazon

It's flannel season! Add a new one to his collection — a red-on-red, ivory-and-tan combo, navy buffalo check or another cozy plaid.

$17 at Nordstrom Rack


ShineSand Custom Face Socks

Here's one way to give him a good laugh. Get your best (or worst) selfie plastered all over these crew socks. Just pick a size and base color, upload your photo and get the socks within three to four days.

$14 at Amazon

Valentine's Day gifts for him under $50


Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

A shoulder rub a day keeps ... him very happy. When you're not there to work out the knots and kinks, this heated massager will do the trick. He can drape it over his shoulders, adjust the speed and strength, and enjoy sweet, sweet relief.

$50 at Amazon

Jack Black

Jack Black The Night Squad Set

Even if he's not quite ready to go all out with a skin care routine just yet (next year?), he'll have no problem incorporating this hydrating duo into his day-to-day. Tell him to keep the hand cream and lip balm on his nightstand so he can moisturize before bed.

$20 at Amazon

$20 at Kohl's


Yeti Rambler Mug

Try as you might, you still can't convince him to carry around a Stanley cup. This 35-ounce Yeti favorite may be more his speed — it's made with durable stainless steel, with double-wall insulation and a no-sweat design to keep his hands dry. Pick it up in red for Valentine's Day or go with one of the 17 other colors.

$42 at Amazon

$42 at Golf Galaxy$42 at Acme Tools


ManCrates Jerky Heart

If he prefers savory over sweet, give him this heart-shaped box of love — that is, 14 pieces of pork and beef jerky. From Honey Bourbon to Habanero BBQ, these jerky bites bring just the right amount of heat, sweetness and tang.

$50 at ManCrates


Apple AirTag

You know what makes a really thoughtful Valentine's Day gift? Something that'll help him the next time he (inevitably) loses his keys, wallet or backpack. Just make sure he attaches the tracker and does the one-tap setup pronto, so he can keep tabs on the item on his iPhone or iPad.

$24 at Walmart

$24 at Amazon$29 at Adorama


Toowell Forest Landscape Whiskey Glasses, Set of 4

Even when he's hibernating inside, he can pour himself something on the rocks and bask in the beauty of the great outdoors. Pair these glasses with a bottle of his favorite whiskey so he can put them to use ASAP.

$36 at Amazon

Mark & Graham

Speaking of travel, he can stash his watch in this leather case when he's not wearing it. Add his initials for an extra $12.50 for a personal touch.

Bespoke Post

Four games, one box: Not only does the box double as a playing board, but it comes packed with dice, cards, checkers and dominoes for endless gaming opportunities.

$48 at Bespoke Post


Fluytco Love Lingual: Couple Card Game

Think you've discussed it all? Think again. Pull a card from this deck to reveal a thoughtful question or conversation prompt related to one of five key categories: family, couple, intimacy, individual or past and future. Focus on one category at a time or mix it up.

$25 at Amazon

Valentine's Day gifts for him under $100

Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Pant

These super-soft pajamas are made from a magical bamboo fabric that prevents pilling, bunching and sweating. Pair these pants with a matching tee so he can be comfy from head to toe. Trust me, he won't want to take them off.

$75 at Cozy Earth


America the Beautiful Annual Pass

Help him check off all the places on his bucket list. This annual pass gives him (and up to three more adults in his vehicle) access to more than 2,000 federal sites across the country, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and more.

$80 at REI


Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant

Leave it to Lego to convince him to make friends with the enemy. Turn 540 Lego bricks into the people-eating plant from Super Mario Bros., complete with a moveable head, stalk and leaves.

$60 at Walmart

$60 at Amazon$60 at Target


Cometeer Mixed Roast Box

Experience coffee in its purest form — we're talking brewed at 10 times the strength, then frozen to maintain its flavor — without any additional equipment. Place a frozen capsule into hot water for a classic coffee, or let it melt to whip up an iced coffee, latte or affogato. Yahoo Shopping editor April McCormick swears by it: "My husband is the biggest coffee snob, so when he raved about Cometeer, I was surprised since it's such an easy concept. It's now my go-to gift for him for every holiday, birthday and anniversary!"

$84 at Cometeer

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon Atlas Duffle

This practical canvas duffle has an insulated side pocket for drinks and snacks, a ventilated compartment for shoes and tons of interior pockets to keep things organized. One buyer called it "the missing puzzle piece to my gym collection," while another said they "used it for a week trip and packed everything I needed with no problem."

$88 at Mack Weldon

Uncommon Goods

Whiskey Making Kit

Turn vodka into full-flavored whiskey with this DIY kit — yep, you heard that right. Mix and match different types of wood chips and botanicals (think: orange peel and cocoa beans), then package up your creations in two 12-ounce bottles. Pop 'em open a month later.

$60 at Uncommon Goods


Everlane Waffle-Knit Hoodie

A cross between a hoodie and a sweater, this lightweight waffle-knit can be worn on its own or layered under a thicker jacket. "Comfortable enough for lounging, but looks sleek enough to go out and about," one stylish shopper wrote about the "do-it-all hoodie," available in five neutral hues.

$75 at Everlane


Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

This Turkish cotton robe is fit for a king — your king, that is. One Brooklinen shopper dubbed it the "best robe I have ever owned" due to its "perfect weight, softness and color." Choose from nine classic colors.

$99 at Brooklinen

Valentine's Day gifts for him under $150


Tinggly Be My Valentine Gift Voucher

Keep the love going long after Valentine's Day. Redeem this gift voucher for one of more than 9,200 experiences around the world, including everything from a guided chocolate tour in Dallas to an aerial yoga class in Savannah, Ga. Find a couple's activity that's close to home or add one of these experiences to your next vacation itinerary.

$110 at Tinggly

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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Personalized and Thoughtful Gift Selection

The article highlights the significance of selecting gifts that demonstrate active listening and observation of the recipient's preferences. Dr. Shaakira Stewart emphasizes the value of gifts that carry sentimental value and are of the highest quality, even if they may not be the most expensive. This concept underscores the importance of thoughtful and meaningful gift selection based on the recipient's individual preferences and the significance of the relationship.

Diverse Range of Gift Categories

The article covers a wide array of gift categories, including clothing items such as flannel shirts and pajama pants, accessories like beanies and mugs, grooming products such as massagers and skincare sets, as well as experiential gifts like national park passes and activity vouchers. This diverse range of categories caters to different interests and preferences, ensuring that there are options for various types of recipients.

Emphasis on Practical and Usable Gifts

The article suggests considering gifts that the recipient can use, such as air fresheners for cars, travel watch rolls, and neck and back massagers. This concept aligns with the idea of selecting practical and functional gifts that enhance the recipient's daily life, providing both utility and enjoyment.

Experiential Gift Options

In addition to tangible gifts, the article also emphasizes the value of experiential gifts, such as Tinggly gift vouchers for a wide range of activities and experiences. This concept encourages the consideration of memorable experiences as meaningful gifts, allowing the recipient to create lasting memories and enjoy unique adventures.

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The article incorporates testimonials and user reviews to provide firsthand insights into the products, offering a real-world perspective on the quality and appeal of the recommended gifts. This approach adds credibility and helps readers make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

By analyzing and synthesizing these concepts, the article presents a well-rounded guide to selecting thoughtful and meaningful Valentine's Day gifts for men, catering to a diverse range of preferences and budgets.

The 25 best Valentine's Day gifts for him that he'll actually love (2024)
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