Rapunzel Growing Up / 10 Doll DIYs (2023)


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Rapunzel transformed from a cute baby into a beautiful girl, and then into a grandmother. Interesting to see how it was? Then rather watch our new video.

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint
• scissors
• tweezers
• paint brushes
• athletic fabric
• modeling clay
• felting wool
• small toy chameleon
• paper with a wood print
• printed images
• artificial leaves
• coffee stirrers
• toothpick
• beads
• wire
• fishing line
• ribbons
• wig made out of synthetic hair
• wooden skewers
• veneer sheet
• paper
• hair extensions
• metal rings
• denim fabric
• designer paper
• colorful tape
• plastic rose
• designer tape
• tissue paper
• foam paper
• blister pack from vitamins
• cardboard
• mirrored cardboard
• pendant
• plastic rose
• attachment
• decorative frames for portraits
• printed photos

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Foreign has had a very interesting life.

Let's learn about her fairy tale life together.

Mother Gothel brought us some paper, her magic made, the roll turn huge snap and the tower got an observation deck.

Here's a door imitate bricks.

What else should I add? That's right, I almost forgot the roof, Mother Gothel did a great job.

The tower is covered in Vines.

The tower looks like something from a fairy tale.

The bird came to a windowsill to see her best friend.

Oh I want to explore.

I'll get higher a leg here, a step there yeah it worked.

Mother Gothel got back early and caught Rapunzel red-handed, hey Rapunzel.

What are you doing? Huh oops I just wanted to see the sunrise.

Silly, the sun rises in the morning.

Mother Gothel always found Rapunzel's tricks.

So cute.

Let's go back to the Tower.

Lol little sisters is turning into Rapunzel.

Let's change her into a lilac outfit.

How else did she grow such long hair? It really is Magic and here is Pascal.

The chameleon Rapunzel's best friend, well, Pascal is feeling bored play.


These two are inseparable.

They always have fun, but Rapunzel is always looking for trouble climb on the table, careful and get it.

The target is close, a tasty chocolate croissant.

Are you hungry? Let's drink, warm milk like that good job, you can have more sweets when you get older, we'll need these details to make a mobile decorate a wire ring with Greenery and flowers.

Hang bright, beads on a fishing line now sleeping will be even sweeter.

Apple is tucking Rapunzel in, but she is fussing.

Oh, my head is gonna explode.

We need to come up with something.

That's right.

I bought a mobile for a reason, so I'll use it Rapunzel started staring at it.

Flying figures helped her fall asleep and she had sweet dreams.

A new LOL doll means our girl is growing up blonde hair, curious, green eyes with white highlights and a suit.

That's her favorite color choose ribbons.

Rapunzel went inside the Box.

This one sure make a puffy skirt out of it, tie it with a sparkly belt and add light sleeves Fairy, Godmother swooshed, her wings and Rapunzel got her gorgeous hair back yeah.

My hair became even longer yeah Mother Gothel really loves her daughter stay here.

I need to go away for a while Rapunzel didn't waste any time she started, exploring the drawers and finally found what she was looking for, a key balcony I'm coming for you.

Now she can easily come down on her hair.

I love it here.

She's lying on the grass enjoying the Sun being outside is so fun.

Magical creatures are resting on the lawn.

The tiger, even licked, Rapunzel's hands the princess made friends with all the animals Rapunzel who's a little runaway.

Hmm, let's go home, oops I'm, busted Rapunzel has a new hobby, drawing she Drew her dreams on paper and soon she continued on the furniture.

Oh I'm, raising such a creative girl, good job.

How do I develop her Talent make an easel we'll need wooden skewers for legs and a shelf glue it on.

Let's create no peeking.

Surprise wow mother is that for me, cool wow.

She took up her paints, sat in front of an easel and started painting the young artist painted a picture of Pascal.

That's beautiful! The doll is changing her look today.

She'll turn into a teenage Rapunzel that's so unusual.

Oh no one has hair like that now let's put on a white T-shirt with a chameleon print try the shorts on but denim overalls are a better choice you're, right, teenagers love, experimenting even Rapunzel decided to have colorful hair add thin rings to braids.

Now she looks trendy yes Rapunzel thought, about changing her look first I'll dye my hair a bright.

Color I can't wait to see the results, wow cool wow, but this dress.

Now it doesn't match the look princess is making a new outfit herself some effort and she made a stylish denim outfit I'm.

So happy Pascal! Look! How cool! Oh mother! Look, how beautiful I look wow, it's so colorful now is the perfect time to experiment.

I, remember! I! Also, had fiery hair at your age, make a folder out of patterned paper? Colorful tape.

Turns into a folded piece insert it in the sides? Plain sheets can fit inside a straw and designer tape joined to make tiny spools for dolls.

Rapunzel? Is covered in pieces trim? The toothpicks each skewer? Has its own color? Crayons? Are ready this stationary kit will help her with her drawing Rapunzel is taking an online course for princesses.

Studying online is so boring.

Instead of focusing on her classes, she decided to play around the princess is rolling around in her chair, jumping around the room and making hair and eyebrows out of tape.

Her classmates are laughing at her tricks.

Then she went back to drawing a fairy tale.

World appeared on a sheet of paper.

We need more cardboard, cut, foam paper strips and wrap the pieces, snap snap paint the boxes and a blister pack pink.

It's a real makeup palette separated into compartments.

There are so many shades.

A mirror is sparkling on the second half a little brush turns into mascara, and then we have a handmade bright lipstick.

A makeup kit is a perfect gift for a teenager.

Gothel, listened to lalaloo's advice and decided to do something nice for the princess Rapunzel.

This is yours, wow, mother, you're, so great a makeup kit, wow, okay, I'll, go! Do my makeup: Rapunzel sat in front of a makeup table and started applying lipstick, eyeshadow and eyelashes.

The first makeup looks a little bold foreign Rapunzel's experiments.

Gothel was shocked, oh sweetie, let me show you how to apply makeup, mother, cleaned off the makeup and helped Rapunzel do her makeup all over again.

What a beautiful girl, wow, that's much better yeah make two Thin rings out of thin wire snap and they joined a bright.

Drawing of the sun appeared on paper, wrap it around the frame.

Look, there are so many of them.

Flynn Ryder came to the shore in the darkness of night.

Where are you my beloved honey I'm? Here hello? He gave the princess a hand she jumped inside a boat and the couple continued along the water together by the way I prepared a gift.

Take it.

Oh, it's a lantern, that's so romantic they held hands and sent it up into the sky.

Wait what hundreds of lanterns flew up in the sky.

The happy couple just stood there enjoying the magic a sheet with a print separated into many pages.

Join them glue the sheets together and insert inside a cover.

The cover is decorated, with Rapunzel's portrait in a metal frame, and the album itself has many special photos.

One time when Rapunzel was still a teenager, she found a photo booth.

I want to take a picture too many years later, old Rapunzel found the same booth and now grandma has photos to match the ones she took when she was young after coming home, Rapunzel Put the photos into the album next to the photos from her youth what nice memories those were the days.

Thank you.


Rapunzel Growing Up / 10 Doll DIYs? ›

Then I used the flea comb to get the knots out. I mixed 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and dunked her hair in it for a few minutes. Then I rinsed her hair (which successfully remove the vinegar smell), and set the doll aside to dry.

How do you fix doll hair with vinegar? ›

Then I used the flea comb to get the knots out. I mixed 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and dunked her hair in it for a few minutes. Then I rinsed her hair (which successfully remove the vinegar smell), and set the doll aside to dry.

How do you make a doll hair detangler? ›

Step 1: Mix 1 part water to 1 part liquid softener. Step 2: Soak your doll's hair in the mixture until thoroughly saturated. Step 3: Hold the head of the doll tightly to prevent hair loss.

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