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Are you ready, are you ready for love? We are and hope you are too! Invite all your single friends over to spread the love and celebrate together or just everyone and anyone who holds a place in your heart. We’re going to go through all of our Valentine’s party ideas including party decorations, food ideas, and games to play.

Alternatively, if you’re not much of a party-thrower then we’ve also written abouthow to celebrate being single on Valentine’s Dayas well asyour go-to guide for Galentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day party decorations

The decorations are what bring any party together so it’s important to make sure you get it right. Take a look at some of our simple ideas for Valentine’s Day party decorations:

  • Heart-shaped balloons– A Valentine’s party simply wouldn’t be complete without some appropriately heart-shaped balloons to decorate and fill your living room.
  • Confetti or rose petals– Delicately scatter some pink, white, and red confetti or rose petals around the room or just on the dinner table for a more subtle touch.
  • Red cups– Not just for house parties, some classic red (or even pink and white) plastic cups are also just as fitting for your Valentine’s get-together. After all, it’s not worth risking any smashed glass or potential damage to your favourite drinkware.
  • Mini sweet bags– A nice extra gift for your guests is a little sweet bag filled with chocolate hearts, marshmallows, love hearts or whatever else you come across.
  • Valentine’s Day card notes– To get everyone in that loving mood, you could write out aValentine’s Day cardfor each person to give them upon arrival which includes all your favourite things about them inside.

Valentine’s Day party food ideas

From sweet treats like cookies and pink trifles to savoury options including pizza or even dainty finger sandwiches, there are all sorts of food you can serve at your Valentine’s Day party. Get yourself busy in the kitchen cooking up all your favourite foods or take a quick trip to your local supermarket for pre-prepared bits, here are some of our easy Valentine’s Day party food ideas.

Pepperoni heart pizza

Pizza is a classic party food choice – easy to share, loved by the majority, and simple to make or get a hold of. Buy one from the shop and cut up the pepperoni into little heart shapes before cooking or really impress your guests by doing it all yourself. Either way, you truly can’t go wrong!

Love-filled finger sandwiches

Again, this requires very little time and chef abilities and won’t leave your kitchen looking like a bomb site. Gather all your favourite fillings and make some dainty finger sandwiches that your guests can pick at throughout the party. From the typical cheese and ham to a more controversial prawn cocktail, choose as many fillings as you can handle making. Then the final step is to use a heart-shaped cutter to make them into sweet little love-filled finger sandwiches.

Valentine’s Trifle

So, we presume you’re asking what exactly makes this a Valentine’s trifle? It’s pink, duh! This recipe fromThe Butter Halfis exactly what we mean and is achievable in only 15 minutes. Go on, give it a go, and tell us that this dessert doesn’t look perfect for the occasion.

Heart-shaped cookie bites

By this point, you can likely tell we’re very much going with a strong theme here aka any food but either pink or in the shape of a heart. Stick with the tried-and-true yummy cookie recipe that’s never let you down or make things easier for yourself by using some shop-bought cookie dough, either way, this is a super easy party food to sort.

From there, it’s the standard cookie-making process except you’ll need to cut your cookie dough into a heart shape, we recommend a proper cookie cutter for ease instead of just forming it yourself as it could lose its shape when in the oven.

Valentine’s Day party games

No party is complete without some fun games and activities and given that you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day it’s only right that they fit with the theme. If you need some ideas on what to do, here are some of our recommendations:

Mr & Mrs

A classic fun game for parties. For any couples or best friend duos you have in attendance, sit them down back-to-back and start grilling them. Bound to reveal some hilarious opinions, this game is fun even if you’re not the one in the hot seat.

Romantic charades

A classic game of charades with just a little twist… it’s all about love. From romantic films and characters to book titles and songs, charades is an easy way to get everyone involved in a fun game where you’re all going to be screaming out answers left, right, and centre.

Pick up line bingo

You can make a bingo game out of anything, but our twist on the idea is by using pick up lines as the prompts. As you won’t be rolling out numbers, you could write them all down and pick them out of a hat or make it more interactive by going around the room with everyone stating their favourite pick up lines and hope they’re the ones on your card.

All that’s left to do now is put all our ideas and inspiration into practice to make your Valentine’s Day party a reality! For even more fun articles, you’ll want to take a look at thethortful blogwhere we’ve written aboutwhat to do on your birthdayand all sorts of other special occasion articles.

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As an expert in party planning and celebrations, I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise on organizing a Valentine's Day party. With a deep understanding of the concepts related to this topic, I am confident in providing you with valuable information to make your party a success.

Valentine's Day Party Decorations: To create a festive atmosphere, it's crucial to choose the right decorations. Here are some simple yet effective ideas:

  1. Heart-shaped balloons: No Valentine's party is complete without heart-shaped balloons. These balloons will add a touch of romance and fill your living room with love.

  2. Confetti or rose petals: Delicately scatter pink, white, and red confetti or rose petals around the room or on the dinner table for a subtle and elegant touch.

  3. Red cups: Classic red, pink, or white plastic cups are not only suitable for house parties but also perfect for your Valentine's get-together. They eliminate the risk of broken glass and protect your favorite drinkware.

  4. Mini sweet bags: Surprise your guests with a little sweet bag filled with chocolate hearts, marshmallows, or love hearts. This small gesture will make them feel appreciated.

  5. Valentine's Day card notes: To create a loving atmosphere, consider writing a personalized Valentine's Day card for each person, expressing your favorite things about them. This will set a heartwarming tone for the party.

Valentine's Day Party Food Ideas: Food is an essential part of any celebration. Here are some easy and delicious Valentine's Day party food ideas:

  1. Pepperoni heart pizza: Pizza is a crowd-pleaser that can be easily shared. Cut the pepperoni into heart shapes before cooking or impress your guests by making the pizza from scratch. Either way, it's a winner!

  2. Love-filled finger sandwiches: Create dainty finger sandwiches with a variety of fillings such as cheese and ham or prawn cocktail. Use a heart-shaped cutter to transform them into adorable love-filled finger sandwiches.

  3. Valentine's Trifle: This pink trifle recipe is perfect for Valentine's Day. It's quick and easy to make, taking only 15 minutes. The pink color adds a romantic touch to the dessert.

  4. Heart-shaped cookie bites: Stick with a theme by making heart-shaped cookies. Use your favorite cookie recipe or opt for shop-bought cookie dough. Cut the dough into heart shapes for an easy and delightful party treat.

Valentine's Day Party Games: Engage your guests with fun games and activities that fit the Valentine's Day theme. Here are some game suggestions:

  1. Mr & Mrs: Sit couples or best friend duos back-to-back and ask them questions about each other. This game is sure to reveal hilarious opinions and create laughs.

  2. Romantic charades: Play a classic game of charades with a romantic twist. Act out romantic films, book titles, characters, or love songs. It's a fun way to get everyone involved.

  3. Pick up line bingo: Create bingo cards with various pick-up lines. Instead of numbers, read out pick-up lines and hope they match the ones on your card. It's a lighthearted and interactive game that will keep your guests entertained.

With these ideas and inspiration, you can now start planning your Valentine's Day party. For more fun articles and party ideas, visit thethortful blog, where you can find a wealth of information on special occasions and celebrations.

How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party | thortful (2024)
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