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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy come on everybody, just roll on into the room as you roll into the room, I'm going to start rolling because there's a lot to talk about.

Listen, I'm talking flowers in the attic on lifetime.

This is flowers in the attic.

This is the origin.

This is part two.

It's called the mother um.

It was a lot.

It was a whole lot, a whole lot.

So here it is we're being faced.

Hey, jace, we're being faced with a plan.

There's a plan, that's actually being put forth.

Okay, I'm not messing around I'm getting going here because we got a lot to talk about these episodes.

Are long? Hey, hey, hey you guys! I didn't know it's late, it's really late! It's one o'clock am my time, but I gotta talk.

I gotta talk okay, so it is what it is.

We gotta get this out, there's just so much to this.

I'm so happy with this.

I am so happy with this, because all the adaptations that I've seen are just trash up to this point.

They really did the damn thing on this.

They did but anyway, there's a plan being put forth in this episode and the plan.

Is this: hey, xavier, welcome back I'm seeing a lot of people that were here for my first part, I'm glad to see you guys welcome back, welcome, back, welcome back, let's get into it.

We're gonna get down with get down on this here.

There's a plan being put forth and the plan is this: alicia foxworth is going to be sent to pittsburgh of all places, we'll send a [ __ ] here you know senator pittsburgh.

Okay, this is what we're telling people and little christopher will stay here at foxworth hall, while alicia gets herself together and then she'll come back for him.

Olivia is going to pose as pregnant and then the new baby will actually be left at fox fox worth home.

Okay, so of course we got malcolm running around and he you can't tell him that it ain't a girl.

Okay, he is convinced that it's going to be this little girl and all of that, so in the midst of us doing all this some you know we start off with the plan.

They they send her out, they really didn't send her out anywhere.

She gets in the car drove around drove her around to the west wing, put her locked her back up in the room baby, the room, the attic, the room with the attic attached locked her in there um, and they begin to plan they're, beginning to plan they're walking on and mrs steiner, which is the head mate.

What her little nasty self she's running her mouth, olivia, overhears it and she let her go.

She let her go just boom, let her go, which didn't hurt her too much, because she was sick of her anyway.

She liked her from the beginning baby when she told that thing that she was done.

She said, but I've lived here at um, foxwood hall, my whole life, she said, and now you don't.

I said, oh, oh, that was so cold.

It was so good.

It tastes so good in my mouth.

So I know it tasted good in her mouth telling her baby and now you don't buy.

I said oh fire stinking back off.

She went then we found out shortly after that.

There's a fail safe in a plan, honey, malcolm, is still seeing.

Alicia he's still going up.

There raping alicia he's using the servants staircase up to the attic, and you know I thought about that.

That is so funny because I thought about that when I was watching the first episode I was like how's this gonna be, I said, because I know, there's probably another entrance to get up there, because most of the houses back then are made that way, because the servant's interest is the interest that slaves used to actually use to enter these big houses like that, they you know, even when you would see they had still been doing houses like that, my brother's caregiver, when we were young, because we've had two different caregivers, we're like three and a half years apart, and I went to one lady and my brother used to go to another lady and her house was an older house and it was like that.

I always thought that was so sharp.

You know until one day I was explained.

This is why these houses were actually made.

This way you know, I used to say: oh, I said I love her house.

The way you could actually go upstairs in her house from two different directions and my grandma was like.

I don't know how sharp that is, but that's a style of house that people had when they had slaves and stuff, because the slaves had to use the one interest and regular people use the other interests.

I said, oh so that was yeah.

I was like, oh so then it wasn't so sharp to me anymore, but it it definitely ran across my mind that the whole conversation with my grandma and all of that so y'all know my grandma.

Well, that's a whole nother situation, but you know my grandmother comes and taps me on the shoulder.

All the time when I told you honey, y'all say my house is haunted.

I say: okay, it ain't, who you think is in here but yeah.

She tapped me on the shoulder and said.

Remember what I told you and I was like okay, but I did when I I heard that and she was gonna be up there.

I said I bet you there's another way to and sure enough sure enough there let's go hey so anyway.

You say that was so weird all all those possible entrances would give me anxieties yeah, but that was I just used to think that was so sharp.

I just used to think that was so sharp to have different ways to get I like strength architecture.

It draws me in like when you have to step down to get into a room or step up into a like if you're in your kitchen sit down, and you have to step up to get into the dining room or step up to get into the living room that just it does something for me.

There's I had looked at a place.

One time where you literally stepped down into the bedroom, like you were, the hallway was up.

You literally stepped back down two steps.

That was just I like interesting architecture, but when I found out why that was that way, it didn't seem so sharp to me anymore.

It was like uh room for the sled really, so you wouldn't be sharp.

He was being practical in your nastiness, not a fan anyway off the soapbox, but I'm back.

Okay, so still violating alicia.

Okay, so alicia had actually told olivia.

You said that I was going to be safe.

You said that everything was going to be all right, but you you, you were wrong and she's like okay, so she just kind of talked her down and and she took care of it and she told her.

You know she told nella.

Have this sealed off just had that sealed off and all of that um.

She ended up making nella the head of staff.

At that point, um and celia, which is another daughter, told her mama.

She said she's white.

She is white, just because judas wasn't the devil didn't mean.

You should trust him, because she kept telling her no she's different, she's different she's, my friend no girl she's.

First, she white child she's, a white woman.

First, all that other stuff.

You talk about whatever you know whatever and remember.

Celia is part white herself, she's mulatto, and she actually it's her daddy, that's her daddy.

But anyway she, you know, she ain't got it for all that so um, then we get into this whole.

Other little part that we ran into.

Thank you, franja.

We get into this other part where stuff goes down.

Alicia is like fed up.

She literally says I'm done, I'm done.

I am done um because she had actually cut her hair too.

She came there when she came through with all that she told her.

She said, let's cut your hair, you know, because if she makes her not look good and pretty, then he won't want her.

So she cut her hair and all of this and one day she was looking out the window and she started seeing how little christopher was taking to olivia.

He literally well, you know, kids do that.

He he was scared one night and she let him start sleeping with her and all of that he started bonding with her and she's looking out the window one day and she can see it and she's like on this they're working for me, I'm fed up you're, stressing me out with this bull crap yeah and she did.

She took the hair and put it on malcolm's desktop and they got into a little tip about it on it, and he had told her.

He would write a letter and say that she was crazy.

They was back and forth trying to blackmail each other who was going to blackmail the other one more and child coming to a standstill, okay, but she was standing her ground.

She was standing her ground with him baby, but anyway, old girl was like that's it.

I've had it.

I have had it I'm out of here, so she literally tried to escape and because olivia like switched up on her and was like no no, no grocery to knock olivia down honey and make a run for it.

She running olivia's chasing her she's telling him help me help me um malcolm they both chase her ends up malcolm with his stupid self ends up grabbing at her ends up making her fall down the steps she fell down, the steps and she got to bleeding and carrying on the doctor, ended up coming.

Of course they had a little fancy like I see.

Olivia always tell the lies, because she really the business woman, she told her lies and um she was.

She was knocked out when she came to.

She was telling the doctor they.

They hold me captive this that thing, the other they're like.

Oh, what is she talking about and he said and it's his baby and he's uh what and he's like? Oh that's a new one.

They played it up.

The doctor gave her a sedative paid her.

No man paid her, no man.

That was it.

She was still stuck.

It was what it was and then they paid the doctor off yet again, the doctor know all the secrets show paid them off um.

At that point she brings nella in because her leg was messed up from when she knocked her down.

So she needed somebody to help her and she didn't want him.

She got nella on board, which was so cold, but again remember at this time.

She didn't know.

Nella didn't know that celia even existed and that celia was her stepdaughter.

Basically, so nella was pissed that she even asked her to deal like that and at the time alicia, wouldn't eat and stuff she wouldn't eat and nella and her had this little conversation and nella told her.

You don't eat for you, you eat, for the baby eat for the baby that you already have you go ahead and get rid of all of this.

Let them keep the baby and whatever, but you and your son can actually get out.

You know she's telling her well, you just like.

No I'm not just like them, I'm telling you what's best for you.

You got to think.

Clearly you have another child.

You know you can't just give up.

You have another child, so she talked her through.

Basically, as she gained some trust in nella and nella ended up being the one to deliver her baby.

She delivered the baby and that whole scene was a mess honey because she was hollering and screaming.

Remember they have all and what no epidurals child you push that baby out and you just scream as loud as you choose to.

She tell her to go up there and match her screams.

I said: oh yours is too deep.

She up there hollering I ain't having nothing.

I said, ain't just a mess, I said, girl, listen, monsters are created and all of this stuff you could see the change coming and olivia.

I was like wow girl, you getting to be a lot a lot going on here and she up there screaming and hollering, and she ain't even have to fart honey.

If they're screaming and yelling like that, I said, that's a mess, but she they pulled it off had the baby.

It was a girl, it was a girl and she told um nella.

That said, don't ever forget who they are don't ever forget who they are.

You know and she's like? Oh no baby, I couldn't forget who they are.

I got me one and I just told her story honey.

I got me one at home too, but you can get out so she did what she was supposed to do had the baby.

When he found out it was a little girl and all that he told old girl.

Your plan worked and he actually showed her some affection.

I said he is sick and twisted as hell.

He shows some affection to olivia, because her plan actually worked and everything I said that is a whole mess, a whole mess.

Then nella and olivia end up having a little run in where olivia, where she basically told her.

She said we're, not friends, we are not friends and she said, but you are my friend she said no we're, not friends, and I know we're not first, because you don't even know my whole name, you don't know very much of anything about me.

You don't know much of anything about me.

She said cause.

If you did, you would have never asked me to be a part of that that just went on and she told her we're right.

We're not friends and it'll never happen again.

I I mistake you for a friend it'll, never happen again, I'm so ain't, you, nice and nasty.

Now that you got what you wanted, I said: wow just a whole mess anyway, so um alicia gets christopher and they're.

Actually, because I I thought they were going to actually let her leave.

I was still scared for her.

I was like they're going to kill her now, but she's like no.

They let her go.

Let her take christopher witter and said to her um.

She told protect our daughter from him.

Okay, you know what I'm talking about.

You protect our daughter from them.

Now we're going to scoot way forward.

Okay, we scooted all the way 16 years later, okay, so it's the 16th birthday for corrin, because of course her name is corrine she's named after his mother and all of that she's just perfect.

She really is pretty all these things.

Okay, um he's.

He he's treating her weird.

He he got.

This thing is too much adoration for a father and a daughter, it's an obsession! Okay and he bought her.

This porcelain doll she kind of looking like this goddamn porcelain, ass effa.

You know she looking for a real gift in the porcelain dawn.

They told her.

You will always be my little girl.

I said child olivia gave her some actual some pearls.

So the thing is, she really has a bond with olivia because she believes olivia is really her mother for real and all of that.

So what happened to olivia's kids, you say her two boys, her two boys are around.

You got joel and you got mal the father.

Don't really have much to do with them.

He don't really have much to do with him just like he never did.

Okay, like he never did um.

In the midst of that, we start seeing little things elizabeth, too and he's carrying on and he's mistreating her boys and mal is in love with his his uh fiance and she is.

She comes from a family of means and he wanted to get his inheritance early.

He wanted to have his his inheritance early to because he was feeling insecure, helen didn't care helen's like I love you, they kept telling them you're a great guy.

It is what it is.

Don't worry, helen loves you, but you know he said I just want to take care of her and he had like, like three years left before he could get his inheritance and malcolm just wasn't.

Trying to make anything easy for them at all.

It was what it was um in the midst of all this, going on old olivia stumble upon a garden on the grounds that kind of looked like um it was.

She called it: the poison garden.

It looked like the damn pet cemetery, but there were like poison like berries and different things out there ciao and then listen all three of the kids smoke, weed, mal, joel and damn karen smoke weed child.

They smoke weed, I said, check them out, but there's this stuff out there.

Okay, so joel the youngest son.

He he he fancied.

Other things he's a creative.

He plays the piano.

He really would like to have a career in music.

You all know where I'm going honey he's a little material girl, okay and he like a whole little black fella honey scared, his eye on a little black cellar that fixes the cars.

I said, I know what you talking about joy, honey and it and it's actually is celia's stepson.

Celia's husband was fine too.

That's the! Let's see what he says, but honey syrian got married, got her old black man and got this stepson honey.

His name harry chow and joel then found himself taking a little liking to harry chan.

So a lot of stuff going on a lot of stuff going on um.

He definitely malcolm definitely would not.

Let now have the access to the trust early and all of that okay.

So we got all that going on now we got old girl, she's growing up okay, so she wanted to go to his dance, honey, her father completely forbade it.

Okay, naturally, because he's a weirdo, he forbid it her mother, olivia sneaks her out and takes her onto the dance this little [ __ ] baby.

She is her father's daughter.

Do you understand me? She goes off to the dance baby.

She busts it wide open.

She gets pregnant.

Her mother keeps the secret takes her to have an abortion.

Her father ends up like seeing eating.

You know, he's stalking him, he sees it and he is so mad when he the next day baby.

They come down.

She told her.

You know I got you.

She was a hell of a mother to her now I'mma give you that olivia was a hell of a mother to corrine, knowing that is not her daughter, she's, not really biologically anything to her.

She literally took her on and raised her as hers and and her husband cheated on her and all of that, but she she raised her like she was her own.

She was a hell of a mother and she took [ __ ].

She said I will take it to my grave.

I said, god know that's right honey, but she was a hell of a mother to her, even in all our just indiscretions, and she could see that that little [ __ ] was just like her daddy.

She was so much like him to the point that it is scary that it is scary.

Do you understand me, but she busted, open baby got pregnant had that abortion child we go on that next day they sit down there.

He told him they thought they was reading books last night, both of them read the book.

He said y'all both read books and y'all, both up all night.

That's why y'all tired today and child when old girl went to say something else he said: don't do it don't sit and lie to me at my own table.

I don't want to hear it.

I know where you were.

You took her to that place.

He got over there laying down on her face and said you're a filthy, [, __ ] like the rest of them and that's the sick part of malcolm malcolm, really feels like all women are trash, except for his mother, which she's just perfect trash but trash.

Nonetheless, I guess his mother is, you know, trash collects in corners.

I guess that horse stays in the middle of the floor.

She don't collect in the corner, but karen is perfect.

She's completely perfect and his mother is less than perfect.

She's, perfect trash, but all other women are nothing ain't worth [ __ ] because he sure said it you're a [ __ ] like the rest of them, the rest of the hey, so they ain't all the rest of the women you jerk.

He was a mess.

He was a mess and, I said, look at him and he and it was so funny that he he still at this point, was restraining from putting his hands on her.

That's the only thing he wasn't doing was beating her because he was doing already raping her and everything you know, and once he had his kids, he wouldn't even rape, her no more.

He wasn't even getting that from her no more child because she couldn't have babies, so he wasn't even worried about her, no more child.

That's like that! A mess! Well, I mean, thank goodness.

You know.

I guess he did her whenever he felt like he wanted to, but he was pumping her with a purpose anyway.

He told her I'll find a way to make you pay for this.

So what, anyway, a whole mess whole mess.

So we found out shortly after that that there are actually rumblings of the siblings people know about the fact that celia is their sister and stuff like that, so it hasn't really been kept under wrap people know and people whisper about it.

Okay, so then mel actually heard about that when the siblings sat down and they were talking about it um because karen didn't know about it, she actually heard it.

You know she just heard about it and was like okay, whatever cool no problem, so he decided mal decided he gonna go in there and blackmail the father with it.

He goes in there and he blackmails me says: listen.

This is what you're going to do.

You're going to to afford me my trust or I'm going to tell mom that celia, who is nella's daughter, is actually our sister and he literally called his bluff.

He said: olivia come in here and then told her.

He said bo told him.

Tell your mother go on and tell her what you said.

You was going to tell her.

I said: no, he didn't he's like no, never mind.

Just forget the whole thing he didn't want to hurt his mother.

You know, and he says, go ahead.

Tell her tell her that celia is my daughter, go on and tell her, and he said.

Why did you do that? Why would you do that? Why would you hurt her like that for no reason just? Why would you do it? It's like you are evil and he told him he told him.

He said before you get that money.

You'd have to step over my step over my grave to get it before time for you to get it.

He said.

Well, maybe that'll just happen I'll, say: oh man y'all talking that good hot [, __ ] to each other, said.

Okay, so a little bit after that, the mother olivia catches old people's home staring at corinne out there in the lake skinny dipping he over there just watching she caught him.

She caught him and that night baby they were sitting there eating dinner, and the next thing you know and he's giving.

I said, everybody's just looking.

Are you okay? It was so shady like you're hated by everybody in the house, everybody's just looking at him, even the service, the tablecloth off of and the food on the floor.

He tried down there all messed up child, but he didn't die.

He didn't die.

It just gave him a bad allergic reaction.

Okay, then put it in the food chain.

He blamed now for doing it, but it wasn't now it wasn't now at all it was corrine, it was corrine who actually did it because he told her once she had a baby in that or got pregnant.

She was like locked to the house, he was locked to the house, they wouldn't let she wouldn't let her out.

She was like a prisoner in the house and she was pissed she's.

Just like him, she's a tyrant, honey.

She was, I said, look at her honey.

I see you miss korean honey, you giving me the bad ct's thing.

I said: oh man, my goodness so anyway, yeah chad, so that happened and he blamed mal.

So shortly after that, we end up having the wedding for helen and now, okay, the day of the wedding, the day of the wedding he comes down, and now he gonna get back at now right.

So what he does is he goes to the bride helen and tells her listen.

Let me explain something to you.

I don't know if my son told you everything about our family and how our family runs.

We run under a a real, strict set of rules, and actually I make the rules and everybody else follows them, and if they don't follow them to the letter, they don't get what they want capiche.

So she says yes, I love mal and I want mal to get what he wants and he said.

Okay, so baby, he banged her out, but he was like kissing her and stuff and mal had actually come to the door and he seen it and he walked off.

He ran off and he went on did to do this.

We literally got the guests out there.

She had her wedding gown on, but he left the wedding out up baby gave her one two three gave it to her baby enter down.

I said: try flynn james.

You got me watching this.

The reviews for some reason it's all right baby.

You know how it tells me a story.

You know I like to tell a good story, miss my name so yeah.

He he gave her to her in her under her gown.

I said girl, you, gary messed up your garter girl, I'll, get your garter wet honey, while you're doing that nasty annie over there thinking she doing the right thing, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible he's a tyrant just like his daughter anyway.

So they run, mal runs off, he sees um career, he tells he went to karen's room and he ended up fattening her little stash thought it was weed.

It wasn't weed baby.

It was the poison that she used to put in the daddy's food, but he just smoked it.

So it then really went through his system baby.

The thing it was he in the ramen car the car ran.

It was him a career bang, the car into the damn uh to the damn tree and he dies now dies.

Y'all can see that on my thumbnail now dad chill and the mother is just live.

It live it and in the midst of all of that, going on all that goes on um.

You know grief grief, bring everything on so when we see the grieving process, he got joel ends up running to harry and they have sex.

For the first time.

Tell me: why is that? Why is that in stories that people who are are like a forbidden, love thing or or can't get over? They can't jump over the fence and get that thing going when something bad happen, everybody run and get it up in them.

I I never understood that.

The last thing that I want to do is some listen.

My baby brother, something happened to my baby brother.

The last thing I'm gonna do is bust it over for you that just I just don't get that I never did, but anyway, down off my soapbox, put on boom bam and I'm back joel and harry got down baby on the back of the truck, I said I know that's right, hairy, hair splitter to the white knee in the back of the truck.

I said, I'm out corrine tears up all her baby dolls, all them baby dolls.

Her daddy, gave her tear them all up.

Tears them up.

Olivia shocks me.

She literally does uh like a 180, and she just because he told her.

This is your fault.

Everything is your fault everything you touch screws up.

She surrenders for like the next few years.

She literally just surrenders to malcolm she's, like you know, he believed in him.

He then beat her down mentally to where she really believed.

In every time she tried to make a move it screws up, so she literally surrendered.

So if you wanted to ask me a question, write it down there, because we just we're just about done with this.

With this, this review so write down what the question was.

You had for me um, just she just all out of sorts she turns herself over and then, when you say just when you thought things couldn't get no worse, babe, there's one old nasty at the door.

Guess who is at the door baby, none other than miss alicia, foxworth honey? I said 16 years later, baby she's standing at the front door.

I said oh hell, so this is what we got going on.

This is how this section actually ended: a mess, a massive massive mess.

Let me tell you: each of these pieces are like 80, like 86 88 minutes, each.

Never a dull moment.

Were you interested in more of the backstory of the mother.

I wanted to know more of the mother which mother, so my alicia is that you talk about you talk about alicia suit, or are you talking about more further back on olivia, because I think we went back far enough on olivia.

I didn't need to go back no further, she's, pretty she's pretty doll before she met her husband.

I wanted them to make more episodes before we got to the attic part ciao.

They gave you an eight hours worth before you, malcolm and the mother.

No, oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I! We got malcolm's whole story, his mother, from the age of five.

He knew his mammy wasn't [ __ ] from the age of five and then um that mother.

We knew she was 17 years old when she actually had them and she was 22 when she walked away at 22.

She escaped um.

They definitely could do something more on what she was doing prior, but I don't think it really is all that important to the story she ran off and she was just old child.

She probably used her looks to get what she wanted child until she ended up perishing.

I wanted to know what happened in that bedroom.


He watched her be a narcissist.

He learned his narcissistic ways from watching her.

She was not only did he think she was perfect.

She thought she was perfect too.

That's that's what I got about the bedroom, everything you know and he that added that strange adoration he had for the mother.

All of that grew in that bedroom.

All of that grew in that bedroom.

He felt so close to his sexuality in that bedroom, which was a sick twisted piece of who he is at his actual core, because I thought it seemed like the mother molested him.

I don't believe she ever molested him.

I believe he just it's just in him.

They have just a sick.

He just got that whatever that thing is, I don't think his mother did anything to him.

I think it was all him, that's his own little man, and he was just that in love with him, but like some of us just look at our mother and we love her so much you want to be like her.

You want to smell like her.

Well, that's! Well, that's when you end up being a little drag queen like me when you want to smell like her, and you want to be like her.

My mother didn't wear like frilly stuff, my mother: was she regular round away chick? You know my grandma was the one.

I need that water rhinestones and the the furs and all that, but I didn't have adoration where I wanted to get her get a little taste, but I just want to be just like her child and I think his was something there was like you know, because who else is he around? They weren't around nobody else, and he just had a little sick twisted thing going on just weird honey and his blood was bad out of the blood.

Was that someone brought the blood blood was bad? Listen! This is it for this for episode.

Two, this is what I want y'all to do for me.

I'm going to end this because I need to keep these separate.

Like I said, each of these parts are like 80 minutes long, so I can't be holding people like that trying to do reviews when the reviews is too long.

They don't watch them.

Y'all, don't watch them y'all, be like.

Aren't you crazy? So I'm going to end this live right here and leave part two as part two.

I'm gonna come right back so watch your stuff, I'm coming right back and baby.

I didn't already watch part three, so I'm gonna come right on back and we're gonna get on down with part three.

You understand if you're still hanging with me come on in, if not I'm getting ready to do part three and you can catch it in the morning or tomorrow afternoon, but I'm up and I feel like talking baby.

So I'm gonna end this and then I'm gonna come right back.

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The grandmother forces Corinne to reveal to her children that the reason for her disinheritance was that Christopher was Malcolm's younger half-brother, and thus Corinne's half-uncle, and that the children are the products of incest.

What was the mother's secret in Flowers in the Attic? ›

The grandmother forces Corinne to reveal to her children that the reason for her disinheritance was that Christopher was Malcolm's younger half-brother, and thus Corinne's half-uncle, and that the children are the products of incest.

What happens in part 2 of Flowers in the Attic: The Origin? ›

As Olivia's family grows in unexpected ways, she's committed to giving them a childhood full of joy and safety. However, her efforts prove futile as she fights the evils of home and her husband's twisted obsession over a family secret.

Who is the mother in Flowers in the Attic origin? ›

The vivacious young woman remained unaware at the end of the episode that she and her brothers share only one biological parent, Malcolm. Olivia is the mother who raised Corrine, but Alicia was the woman who gave birth to her after the horror she endured from Malcolm.

Is Corrine Olivia's daughter? ›

Olivia Foxworth is the strictly religious wife of Malcolm Foxworth and mother of Malcolm Jr., Joel, and Corrine Foxworth and the cruel and wicked grandmother of the Dollanganger children.

How are Corrine and Christopher related? ›

As well as being half-uncle and niece, it is revealed Chris and Corinne were three-quarter brother and sister as they shared the same mother but their fathers were father and son, making them more closely related than half siblings but less than full siblings.

Did Corrine marry her uncle? ›

The reasoning being that Malcolm disapproved of Corrine's marriage because her husband was his half-brother, meaning her marriage was incestuous, as she married her half-uncle to the anger of Olivia and Malcolm.

Why is Malcolm obsessed with Corrine? ›

At age five, Corinne Dixon abandoned him and Garland, as a result, Malcolm became extremely distrustful of beautiful women, and obsessed with their degradation.

Why did Corinne leave Garland? ›

The sequel, Out of the Attic, chronicled Corrine's difficulties of being married to a workaholic, and her failed attempt to raise their son, Malcolm. She falls in love with an artist and runs away with him, leaving behind Garland to raise their son.

What did the parents do in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Things came tumbling down when their grandmother accused Cathy and Chris of being in a relationship, and their mother abandoned them to pursue a young attorney. After a series of unfortunate events, their mother killed their younger brother, and Cathy and Chris escaped the house, but not their feelings for each other.

Why was the mother disowned in Flowers in the Attic? ›

The children naively believe their mother's promises that they will soon be let out of the attic, after she reconciles with her father who disowned her years ago for marrying her half-uncle (of similar age to her).

Who is Malcolm Foxworths mother? ›

Corrine Foxworth (Nee,Dixon), Sr. is the first wife of Garland Foxworth. She is the mother of Malcolm Neal Foxworth and the great grandmother of the Dollanganger children.

Were the mom and dad in Flowers in the Attic related? ›

The reason for this is that — surprise! — Mom and Dad were related! Whoops! Dad was the half-brother of Mom's father, though only three years older than her, and so when they met it was teenage love at first sight except for the part where they're related and EWWWWWWWWWW.

What happened to Cory's body in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Cathy demands to know what happened to Cory's body. Corrine says she stashed the body in a ravine, but Cathy accuses her of hiding Cory's body in a small room off the attic that gave off a telltale odor. Chris bursts into the library, and Corrine perceives him as the ghost of his father, her first husband.

Is Olivia's daughter Chloe married? ›

It's understood that Chloe, together with her husband, jiujitsu instructor James Driskill, live near Olivia's sprawling rural ranch, which the late singer transferred ownership to her husband before the 73-year-old died of breast cancer in August. "Chloe is a fixture at John's place," continues the source.

Who does Corrine marry in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Corrine Foxworth/Dollanganger marries Bartholomew Winslow. Malcolm Neal Foxworth dies of a heart attack in Foxworth Hall, Virginia.

Who is the father of Nella's daughter in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Malcolm is the father of Nella's daughter Celia. Alicia goes into labor and it's a whole production. While she's giving birth, Olivia also pretends to be in labor and screams at the top of her lungs to drown out Alicia's cries.

How is Carmela Soprano related to Christopher? ›

Christopher Moltisanti is Tony's nephew and Carmela's first cousin. His father Dickie Moltisanti was something of a mentor to the youthful Tony. So when the senior Moltisanti was shot to death, Tony, in turn, took Christopher under his wing.

Who is Alicia in Flowers in the Attic: The Origin? ›

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin (TV Mini Series 2022– ) - Alana Boden as Alicia Foxworth - IMDb.

Who got Corinne pregnant? ›

Things get awkward over breakfast when Olivia suggests Christopher to be the one who shares her first dance at the ball. Corrine quickly volunteers her “friend” Rockford (who got her pregnant) instead. Mrs.

Who is the real villain in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Corrine Dollanganger is the main antagonist of the 1987 novel, Flowers in The Attic and its film adaptation.

Why did Corinne poison her kids? ›

After three years pass and several horrid incidents take place (more on that later), the children learn the truth: Corrine's father died months ago and she's slowly trying to poison the kids (successfully killing Cory with hidden rat poison) to avoid the clause of his will that states she loses her inheritance if any ...

Was Malcolm in love with his mother? ›

He confessed in his autobiography that he had never said that much about his mother, though he dearly loved her and blamed the state for destroying her and her family.

Is Malcolm in love with Corinne? ›

The feelings of a child towards his mother are normally not of a sexual nature but for Malcolm they are: “Yes, she left me”, he whispered. Left me only with the memory of her touch, of her kiss, of the sweet scent of her body.” her for leaving him: “Corinne”, he said. “I hated her; I loved her.”

Did the brother and sister in Flowers in the Attic sleep together? ›

Cathy and Christopher struggle through much of the movie as they grow into adults with sexual desires whilst locked in an attic with no one but each other. Eventually they give in to those desires and sleep together.

What happened to Carrie Dollanganger? ›

Carrie suffers and becomes very ill when she and her siblings are poisoned by arsenic-laced doughnuts. The poisoning stunts her growth and she never really becomes well.

Where is Corinne hiding? ›

Corinne can be found the first time upstairs at Morton's house, which is just across the drawbridge near his shop in Palm Brinks. She can then be found upstairs at Claire's house, which is next to Max's house, just up the road from Morton's where Corinne was originally found.

Where did the name Dollanganger come from in Flowers in the Attic? ›

He is the older brother of Cathy and twins Carrie and Cory. His birth name is Christopher Garland Dollanganger Jr., but it turns out that Dollanganger is fake surname his parents made up and his true last name is Foxworth.

What happened to the first Corrine Foxworth? ›

Despite trying to help her, Corrine's heart gives out and she dies. Her lifeless body is cradled by Chris who says "she died saving her daughter." They watch as the mansion burns to the ground, taking John Amos and Malcolm's diary with it.

Did Corinne sleep with her father in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Tired of trying to push her feelings away, Corrine had confronted Christopher and told him that she's in love with him. He reciprocated and then the two proceeded to sleep together in Malcolm's mother's bed, the same place he raped both Olivia and Alicia. The very bed in which Corrine was conceived.

Did Chris and Cathy have a baby? ›

She is the mother of three children: Julian "Jory" Janus Marquet (by her marriage to Julian), Bart Scott Winslow Sheffield-Foxworth (by her stepfather Bart Winslow), and Cynthia "Cindy" Sheffield (adopted), and had one miscarriage (by Chris).

What is the family secret in Flowers in the Attic? ›

It turns out that the children were hidden because they are stains on the Foxworth name and legacy. They are bred from incest where Christopher and Corrine, are half uncle/ half brother and sister. Flowers in the Attic the Origin is written by understudy and Ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman.

Why is Flowers in the Attic controversial? ›

Flowers in the Attic was banned from numerous districts for depictions of child abuse and incest.

What happens to Malcolm's mother? ›

Malcolm X's mother, Louise Helen Little, died in 1991 from natural causes and old age. She spent 24 years in the Kalamazoo Mental Hospital after a nervous breakdown but fully recovered physically and mentally upon leaving in 1963. She lived 26 years after Malcolm X's assassination in 1965.

Who is Joel's mother in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Joel Joseph Foxworth, was the second son of Malcolm Foxworth, Sr. and Olivia Winfield.

Who is Christopher mother in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Christopher "Chris" Dollanganger, Jr is the oldest son of Christopher Sr. and Corrine Foxworth/Dollanganger.

Did the grandfather know about the kids in Flowers in the Attic? ›

He knew about the four children and what chris's job was, he wanted to know everything about them . Eventually though his wife was influenced by john amos and herself, being like she was , it wasn't that hard to influencw her, and she in turn influenced Malcolm .

Who are Cindys parents in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Cynthia Jane Nickoles Sheffield, is the biological daughter of Nichole Nickoles. When her mother died she was adopted by Cathy and Chris Dollanganger-Sheffield.

Is Cory Dollanganger alive? ›

In the last months of imprisonment in the attic, Cory becomes seriously ill with arsenic poisoning (sprinkled onto powdered donuts). Corrine and the Grandmother take him away and he later dies, leaving the older children devastated (especially Carrie).

Who put the kids in the attic in Flowers in the Attic? ›

The grandmother locks them in a room and forces them to be hidden from the outside world. However, in that attic, The children discover their mother's darkest secrets.

How did the book Flowers in the Attic end? ›

At the end of Flowers in the Attic, Cathy and Chris, the older children of Corrine and her first husband, assume responsibility for their young twin siblings, to whom they play surrogate parents. One of the twins, however, gets sick and dies. Corrine and her second husband move out of the mansion.

How old was Olivia when she died? ›

Following her triumphant music and acting career, Olivia sadly passed away at her home in California at the age of 73 on August 8, 2022.

How long was Olivia married to John? ›

The couple were married for 14 years, from 2008 until her untimely passing at the age of 73 in August 2022, for which Easterling penned a touching tribute to announce, describing his late wife a a symbol of "triumph and hope." Still raw from the heartbreak of her lost love, Newton-John threw herself into activism.

How old was Olivia when she had baby? ›

I believe in prayer and I think prayer is very powerful,' she said on Sarah Grynberg's A Life of Greatness podcast. Dame Olivia was 38-years-old when pregnant with Chloe, and was closely monitored at the time, before her daughter safely arrived in 1986.

What is Corrine's backstory in Flowers in the Attic? ›

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin. Corrine's father Malcolm tried to rape his step mother Alicia Foxworth. His father Garland Foxworth tried to defend his wife and during a fight between him and his son Garland died. When Alicia became a widow and there was nobody there to protect her Malcolm raped her multiple times.

What is the family secret in Flowers in the Attic the origin? ›

It turns out that the children were hidden because they are stains on the Foxworth name and legacy. They are bred from incest where Christopher and Corrine, are half uncle/ half brother and sister. Flowers in the Attic the Origin is written by understudy and Ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman.

Why is Malcolm obsessed with his mother? ›

He loves his mother as he loves a woman and he hates his father. As in Sophocles' play about Oedipus the king, he wants to be with his mother and he loves her more than anything. Oedipus married his mother, and killed his father which is almost what Malcolm does later on in the book as well.

Why did Corinne poison her children? ›

After three years pass and several horrid incidents take place (more on that later), the children learn the truth: Corrine's father died months ago and she's slowly trying to poison the kids (successfully killing Cory with hidden rat poison) to avoid the clause of his will that states she loses her inheritance if any ...

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