Doctor Reacts To Triggering Medical Memes (2023)


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Another day, another meme review. Today we talk about Iron Man, back pain, instagram models, fist bumps vs. high fives, kidney transplants, pediatrics, bones, handwriting, coffee, John Cena, flu shots, pumpkin spice, dental crowns, boxing, spines, hiking, weight loss, family medicine, post traumatic growth, stress, anxiety, amputations, patient notes, scrubs, medical commercials, Harry Potter, deodorant, silica gel, tinder, scabs, feet, carpal tunnel, plasma donations, and gluten intolerance.

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That's not healthy! The curves are there in your spine for a reason when you over accentuate them, you actually create a problem.

Iron deficiency.

Oh my god, I would say that's an iron deficiency man.

I would say this is like cactic iron man, but I get the joke made it medical for no reason: doctor's, always ruining jokes high five, fifty percent less bacteria than a handshake fist bump.

Seventy eight percent, less bacteria than a handshake sweep the leg, 100 less bacteria than a handshake.

You think I'm gonna agree with this.

No I'm not! What is my man touching there the floor? Do you know how gross the floor is disgusting? Have you ever been to a hospital, the fluids, the bacteria, the viruses, the fungi, the protozoa? Do you even know what a protozoa is feeling great since my kidney transplant, my kidney transplant, the kids knee transplant? I never get the ones with the knee disney dasani when it's your first day at the pediatric department.

No, why I may have done that.

My attending who was teaching me that day was like okay, we're gonna, start slow and I'm gonna teach you the burrito roll, where they actually teach you how to burrito roll the baby into the blanket in order.

So the baby feels swaddled and comfortable.

That was a fun trick to learn, because then I went into all the rooms in the morning.

I was teaching the parents as if I really knew what I was doing wow the covets out here are getting huge.

Oh my god! When I was a kid, I would throw these at my friends all the time and get them to stick to their hoodies, and I would get in trouble because the teacher's like, oh my god, you might hit an eye and they were right.

But I was a bad kid.

I like how, when a doctor pulls some medicine into a syringe, they squirt a little in the air for their fall.

It's like now.

What we're doing is we're trying to get the air bubbles out.

If you inject too much air into someone's bloodstream, you could actually get an air embolism, huge problem.

It could be lethal, but still we like to get it out and make sure that we're flush, mito corn, why don't corn jerry og? This is really great, because mitochondria kind of does look like a corn dog.

It also looks like a regular just like hot dog skeleton parts identified.

But if you were anybody in the human body comment down below, I asked us on twitter.

I got weird responses: medical alphabet.

This is what they teach us in med school by the way confuse the lawyers.

So they can't go after you, because if they say that you didn't write something, you could just point to a scribble and be like what do you think this is doctor? I have your diagnosis me, make it quick.

I don't have much time doctor who told you that's sad how coffee works, coffee, magic, energy? Oh my god, am I going to really have to go into the nerdy explanation of why coffee works not gonna.

Do that I'm just gonna laugh at this meme what a terrible, gift john cena surprised a seven-year-old boy with cancer.

On his birthday what oh the importance, of gram gr grammar.

I forgot what the importance of grandpa commas being get your flu shot now available in pumpkin spice.

If we want vaccine acceptance to go sky high you throw that in a gucci vial.

You know influencers are coming up, and then when that gets old.

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Now, all right, let's get back to the memes, it looked like she needs a crown.

I know right.

Yes, queen slay, that's funny all my dentists out there.

What's up, you want a box for those.

Sir! Now I hate violence.

Is it cool? If I just paid my card yeah I'll box? For those, as some of you may know, I've been boxing lately, I've been getting some challengers coming my way, but I want more.

So if you want to box me, I'm like 195 pounds, six foot three, you want to do it hmu, who says hmu, boomer you're in rare form, I'm I'm in boomer forever.

I'm really dying doctor your dad's, not with us anymore me damn doctor he's at a different hospital me: okay, doctor! No, that's not what we do and this guy does not look like a real doctor, because he has a shirt buttoned all the way up, but he doesn't have a tie, I'm not sure.

What's going on there doctor, you need surgery in this section, it's probably best to remove the whole spine woman.

Why doctor it's just holding you back? No, you you, you kind of need the spine, it's supportive, great hike.

You lost 159 pounds or what oh, the bear? Oh, my god bear.

Would you ever do that bears down here? He wouldn't do that to mike's dismay, it turned out that bear was in fact not there.

Would you like a drink? What are my options? Yes, sir, this like sparked a memory when we were first coming to america.

None of us spoke english.

They were asking me if I'd like a drink- and I didn't know what the questions meant and I was like- maybe and the lady was so confused, so my sister was like he wants a coke as a six-year-old.

I wasn't that wise.

What inspired you to go into family medicine? Oh I'm excited to read the bottom hello.

I hate money, I love burnout.

Excuse me: family medicine.

Doctors can still make a great living and we burn out.

We do burn out.

This machine turns stress into a visible light.

I am the sun.

Not all stress is bad stress.

Overcoming short-term stress is positive because we learn from it and prepare for the real world which carries stress inherently with it.

What we don't like is chronic stress that serves no benefit and we learn to live with the stresses that we cannot control buddhist mentality.

I don't know why I did this.

She wanted peace sanctuary, I'm afraid there was a mix-up.

I was supposed to amputate your left leg.

Why is the doctor saying that? Oh, the doctors have mutated their own left leg.

Honestly at this point, how burned out? We are not surprising.

I also like don't know why.

There's snakes coming out of that patient monitor when your chest starts hurting and you hit the spot where it's hurting and it stops help help help heal me working on notes.

I can't keep doing this forever.

Honestly, I relate to that like crazy, it's been 20 seconds for some reason.

When I start doing notes, I do one note enjoying the dopamine rush so much that I pick up my phone.

I'm like forget these.

When you look better in scrubs than you do in the clubs, facts, professional rappers, the guy who says the side effects of a medicine in an ad, you ever hear the side effects, not an ad on tv, but an ad on the radio.

It's literally like the substantial side effects of the lung cancer containing carcinogens that are affecting your brain waves are gonna, one time trying to be an adult and read a scientific paper and your wife does this harry potter and that's funny, though chest compressions chest compression chest compressions chest compress.

What do you think about my shirt, though you want it, you can get it! It's right there 48 hour protection, my deodorant the doctor, saying I have 24 hours left to live.

Well, the deodorant's really going to give you the bang for for the buck.

The deodorant is going to give you a good bang for the buck.

I don't know what I'm trying to say here.

I'm gonna have some water.

I have three plants that are flourishing and one that's dying.

I don't know what I did wrong to the one: that's dying: oh, that's so good, whoever created that that was an old fake plant that used to be in my videos in my previous apartment and that plant that is forever immortalized.

Oh yeah, that's the plan! Well, that's not their plan! That's a replica of the plant made by the patreon community.

If you want to join you, get access to our discord.

Monthly, live streams.

All that good stuff links down below silica gel do not eat, oh, my god, those silica packets.

I have some kind of fear that I'm gonna drop it and bear's gonna munch on it.

Congratulations you escaped the simulation.

Okay, we're gonna, have a serious conversation.

Don't do this? Don't eat the silica gel packets? If you want to continue being happy and healthy, you shouldn't eat them.

Perfect tinder profile doesn't exist, I'm dying to meet you.

When can I see those guys? Dms are probably exploding right now, swipe right, you will die by 20 55.

I still have a lot of time to go to school, marry and have a job.

Oh you're, saying it in military time.

Oh my god, it's so evil and the doctors are always medical show accuracy doctor mike no lie I'm coming for you.

I don't care if you're, a big show small show I'm coming removing the scab on your wound, your blood platelets that have been working for days.

Why peel the scab people do that a lot and they think drying out the wound is better nope.

Keeping it covered in moist is better.

What part of the body always loses the colon defeat they always get me.

Do you want to see defeat? Should I make an only fan, prevent carpal tunnel? No slouch shoulders bent wrists, yes running into woods, never to be seen again, honestly, quite accurate.

You want to avoid pressure on the flexor retinaculum here, which is the fibrous band that sits at the edge of your wrist that keeps the median nerve, protected and tight.

I made this into an educational thing.

They were talking about, bears or something sorry need books.

No worries donate plasma me.

I cannot afford tuition united states then pay with your blood.

We had someone on our youtube channel not too long ago on a plasma.

Video say that they did this a lot through college in order to make some extra money on the side.

United states is one of a few countries that allows companies to pay for your plasma, but it's all going to a good purpose.

So I don't mind that who did it better? No lie? I think mine's, better mine's, real pikachu fake this guy acting me legit above knee bony.

Okay, I get it.

I get you're trying to get me with the knee things all this and me.

If that's a tattoo that someone got though you're putting your body on the line for humor, I got ants yeah, but my ants are taller than yours yeah.

Well, I got a tube of glue and I have an entire tin of it.

I got bread.

Ah, you win.

I can't handle that with my gluten and taller ants.

I I think I need to be either drunk to read.

This can't handle that with my gluten intolerance stop laughing sadnesses.

Are they ants on something? Do the items have a connection? Bison kit? Let me know when you need a lifeline.

I can't handle that with my gluten and taller ants.

I can't I give up what is it: okay, um who can't eat bread, uh celiac, because he like people are because they have inflammation.

I don't know, what's the question we're so close: bread contains wheat.

You can't eat bread because it contains gluten.

Okay, yeah.

Ah, you win.

I can't handle that with my gluten and tolerance, intolerance who came up with that, there's no normal person, that's thinking about ants, glue and bread reacting to viral surgery.

Videos here, including michael reeves, surgical, robot, crazy click here to check that out and huge.

Thank you to ship station for sponsoring this video as always stay happy and stay healthy.

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