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Batman books for kids are tailor-made for young minds, combining action-packed stories with vibrant illustrations that bring the Dark Knight’s world to life.

Join us as we explore the exciting realm of Gotham, where bravery, justice and the triumph of good over evil take center stage in Batman Books for Kids. Whether your child is a lifelong fan or just discovering the world of Batman, these books promise hours of excitement and inspiration!

We’ve read our share of exciting Batman books for kids in our house. My boys have been into superheroes every since they were little. Make no mistake about it, Batman has always been Number One!

Be sure to check out our other book lists for kids!

You can find these fun Batman books for kidsat your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

History of Batman

If you’re curious about this DC Comic hero’s backstory, read all about Batman’s history.

Batman first appeared in a comic book on May 1, 1939.

And why not take a stroll through the different Batman logos used over the years.

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Exciting Children’s Books about Batman

My kids weren’t the only ones who’ve been counting down until the new Lego Batman Movie comes out, right?

While we’re being honest… my husband and I were pretty darn excited ourselves.)

We’ve always been huge Batman fans. But let’s not forget that Batman isn’t just for boys… oh no!

A little girl across the street is just in love with Batman and wears Batman paraphernalia all the time. Seriously. It’s awesome!


He's known by many names. The World's Greatest Detective. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight.

How did young Bruce Wayne grow up to become Batman?

Follow young Bruce's incredible transformation in this action-packed chapter book for early readers, filled with colorful comic art by DC Comics illustrators.

When a dark night comes to the big city, one little super hero prepares for a great adventure... bedtime!

He dons his pajama uniform, speeds upstairs, cleans up the nightly grime, and keeps watch from his towering bunk bed.

This bedtime tale will have Batman fans, young and old, delighting in their nightly routines. Bedtime for Batman is the perfect way to say goodnight to your little Dark Knight.

Batman battles the dark forces of Gotham City night after night. With Commissioner Gordon and Robin by his side, Batman stops the slickest of tricksters and the grimiest evildoers.

This collection features twelve of Batman’s most thrilling adventures, each with full-color illustrations on every page and timed to be an action-packed, 5-minute read-aloud.

With a sturdy, padded cover and over 190 pages of fun, this storybook collection makes anytime the perfect time to serve up some justice!

This collection includes lightly adapted versions of 12 favorite Batman stories.

Are your little ones afraid of the dark? Now they can be brave like Batman!

Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will learn how to face dark closets, monsters under the bed, and lights-out time with the help of Batman and his pals, the DC Super Friends!

This new BE BRAVE empowerment series is the perfect way to help young readers conquer common fears.

The first book every comic book geek Dad (and Mom) will want to read to their child! And the first-ever touch-and-feel Batman book.

Each of 6 spreads in this irresistibly cool package features classic Batman art and a special interactive feature.

Clark Kent is thrilled when he receives an invite to a spring break academic retreat. After taking down the villains of Ducard Academy the previous year, going back to life on the farm was a bit dull.

Better yet, his friends Bruce and Diana have been invited there, too! What better way to spend spring break than with old friends (Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn) and new ones like Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Barry Allen (the Flash), and Vic Stone (Cyborg).

When Clark arrives at Camp Evergreen he makes new friends, reconnects with old ones, and nothing seems weird at all! Well, that is until kids start disappearing… One by one…

Plus, there’s a lake monster, bigfoot has been spotted, there are reports of a boogeyman, and there may or may not be a UFO crashed into the lake. Clark, Bruce, and Diana will have to re-assemble the Junior Detective – er- Criminal Investigation Unit, in an all-new, supernatural adventure!

Are you ready to stalk the night, fight crime, defeat your greatest enemy, and find a crime fighting partner who is almost as awesome as you are? Are you ready to do something cool?

If you answered “yes,” then this is the guide for you! Discover your inner cool with help from Batman, the coolest Super Hero in all of Gotham City and, yes, the universe. You’re welcome.

Find out about the minifigures, vehicles, and locations of LEGO Batman, while learning to read with support.

Perfect for3- to 5-year-olds learning to read, Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words.

Crisp photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.

Have no fear! The Dark Knight is here! Created nearly seventy years ago,Batmanis one of the world?s most recognized super heroes.

Now he’s starring in his very own hardcover picture book, designed specifically for young children.

Learn howBruce Wayne, a mild-mannered businessman by day, became a tireless crime fighter “Batman” by night.

Illustrated with bright, bold pictures and told in simple language, Viking’sBatmanis the perfect introduction to a beloved cultural icon.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman swing into action!

Featuring eight of your favorite super hero tales, this treasury is perfect for a day full of action-packed adventure.

Learn to read withPhonics Fun!

This 12-book program has simple stories full of exciting Super Hero action which builds a foundation for a lifetime of reading fun.

An activity book with exclusive Lego Batman minigifure, based on the animated film!

With a mix of comics, puzzles, and activities, it’s a great way to join the Dark Knight on his quest to save Gotham from descending into super-villain chaos!

Zoom into the world of LEGO® DC Super Heroes with this awesome guide to the minifigures, vehicles and sets, including the LEGO Batman Movie sets.

Plus the book comes with an exclusive LEGO Batman minifigure!Meet all your favourite LEGO heroes and villains including LEGO Batman, Superman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, The Joker and more!

Explore every detail of LEGO Batman's Batcave, look around Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet, examine Lex Luthor's awesome mech and find out about all the LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigures' weapons and gadgets.

Find out how the awesome sets are created in the Beyond the Brick chapter, which features concept art and an interview with the LEGO DC Super Heroes creative team. LEGO DC Super Heroes:Visual Dictionarywill tell you everything there is to know about the LEGO DC Super Heroes universe!

Enter the awesome world of LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes and collect an exclusive Pirate Batman minifigure with this guide to the DC Comics minifigures.

LEGODC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopediais a comprehensive visual guide to the full range of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes minifigures, including Batman, Superman, and their friends and foes.

Learn little-known facts and figures about all the characters from the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes universe including Green Lantern, the Joker, and Wonder Woman.

Find out details on the various sets and where each minifigure appears, as well as their special weapons, cool gadgets, and amazing vehicles.

The perfect companion to LEGO Batman’s first solo movie,TheLEGO®Batman™ Movie: The Essential Guideshowcases the full range of exciting LEGO Batman sets and minifigures that will be released to tie in with the film’s release.

Heroes, villains, vehicles, and locations are all explored in classic DK style, with lively and informative nonfiction text to annotate and expand upon lavish reference images of LEGO Batman sets and scenes from the movie.

Relive all of the humor and action of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes in this fun-filled activity book!

Includes mazes, matching, code-breaking, puzzles, and more! Plus, a buildable LEGO Batman minifigure!

The official junior novelization based on the animated film! Includes 8 pages of color photos from the movie.

When the Joker hatches a new plan to take over Gotham City, Batman will have to learn how to make new friends and work as a team, or risk the city descending into chaos!

Journey beyond the on-screen world ofTheLEGO®Batman™ Movieand get an inside look at how the animated movie was created withTheLEGO®Batman™ Movie: The Making of the Movie.

Packed with stunning concept art, sketches, artwork, inspiration, and LEGO builds, the book tells the fascinating story of howTheLEGOBatman Moviewas made.

Find out how your favorite heroes, villains, vehicles, and locations were created for the movie.

Learn about each development stage of the movie, from the initial idea and storyboarding to recording the dialogue and special effects.

Created in full collaboration with the LEGO Group and Warner Bros.,The Making of TheLEGOBatman Moviefeatures exclusive insights from the filmmakers, animators, LEGO designers, and actors.

And while you’re at it… don’t forget about the Lego Batman Movie itself!

Superheroes Study Unit

In addition to recommending Batman books for kids,I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and classroom resources to teach kids all about superheroes! These unit study resources may contain affiliate links.

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