We have a new doll haul this week and want to show it to you. Step inside our doll shop for our antique doll haul of the week! You are going to LOVE seeing the cute SFBJ French character doll, German bisque antique dolls, and a cute collection of vintage Raggedy Ann Dolls plus SO much more. All of these dolls are going to be listed on our eBay account soon, most listings start at only a $1.00 opening bid. Links below!



We have a doll, haul and we're bringing you with us come check it out.

Hi welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is rachel.

I am here at turn of the century antiques I'm here with linda who's standing over there and we have a doll.

Haul doll hauls are fun, there's nobody that doesn't like a doll haul, and so we thought it would be neat if you- and I and linda check it out and discuss it together.

We've already checked it out and done a little bit of things, but we haven't really dived too deep into it and there's all kinds of things there's a little bit of everything, and I know you're going to want to see it just because it's fun, we will be listing a lot of the things on our ebay and stuff a little bit later on, but this is the beginning and it's fun to see the behind the scenes of the beginning and discussing what we do and how we sort it and how it all works.

So this is the behind the scenes of a real live living, breathing antique vintage, modern doll shop in colorado.

Okay, so we're going to go over there now we're not going in the back, because when we go in the back, sometimes it can get really crazy, but sometimes it gets crazy over here in the front too, and we have rules, we have house rules.

What is our number one rule for when we go off-roading in the doll shop say it with me: keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

This is for your safety and the safety of our performers.

Are you ready? Let's go hey linda hi how's it going it's going.

Fine you've been doing awesome stuff with the dolls today.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Welcome and what is happening behind you over here right over here just goes to show.

We never know exactly.

What's going on so also stanley is uh, making a lemonade stand for a future project.

We have coming.

That is super fun.

So that's that's what that is over there, but and thank you stanley.

So, linda we got some fun stuff happening.

We do look at all this wonderful stuff, all right.

Let's give you, let's give everyone a little pan we've been working with a real sweet family who just brought us all of these things so that we can find them good homes and we're we got our work cut out for us.

We do okay, so what's jumping out at you first well, the obvious.

I think we both this is a fun character.

This is by sfbj and I believe she is that she had 236 or a 238.

Let's look on the back of the neck and see it's kind of hard to tell 238 238 okay, so you can see that mark, that's a 238 and that's the character.

So what we love about this doll first of all, is that she is a character which is hard to harder to find than a lot of the other dolls that are on the table, especially like her modeling in her face and she doesn't have any damage.

No damage, she's beautiful she'll be fun.

We have a smaller one in our case down down in the back, so it's fun to see the smaller ones.

Next to the big ones, I thought this was adorable.

Is it a tea caddy or no? It's a pin um for the old pinkish um.

Oh, you hold your pencil safety pin and not safety, pins clothes pins! Oh and this used to be yeah or I you know it could also be your lingerie at one time cute.

Let's see who that is, does she have any markings on the back there? Of course it's at an a.m.

Do we not know what that is? Eleven.

It has remnants of its original clothing, which is always cute, even if it's falling off and then, of course, after all, it's a light.

There's a little bit of everything.

There is the top doll this one's interesting.

I think this is a what is it? Oh, it's a max handwork! It's a german doll, it's a pretty common german doll, but once they get once they get spruced up, it's amazing what a dog it looks more like a little boy to me.

That would make a great boy huh it would this one's a cute one, that's a kessner sleep eyes should have had my 129.

Is that one yes 129.? She needs a.

What does she need a bag? Yes, she needs a bath.

Everybody here needs a bath.

She needs like an overhaul.

Now I don't know who this is.

This is it looks like she's from the 20s? It's an early composition head.

The clothing is felt the body is cloth, but I I don't.

I don't know who made that those early dolls are the ones that are like that kind of hard to tell this one's really cute, but it has damage, but we could put a little wig on that and he would be cute to have, but the little outfit is so adorable you can tell, and- and we we are like this as doll people too- that the lady who owned these and loved these was a rescuer.

She did rescue.

That is a dream, baby cute baby.

Now I I can't think of it off the top of my head, but it's mark p.s, 23., probably like as soon as this video is over.

I know cute cute cute chubby little baby toddler.

Then we have some really interesting cloth.

Dolls, yeah.

I think some of them over here were just really really kind of fun.

This this one was an interesting one.

Look at he's got this bisque head.

That looks like his original body here see.

If you can hold him just so he'll, I can get him to focus there, but it's a biscuit.

It's not marked, but it's an ethnic doll.

Now this is where we're going off-road in here, a little bit.

Look at these apple head dolls.

This is it's a it's a rotted out apple.

I hate to like call it that, but that's basically what they, what the heads are made out of they're so crazy yeah.

How did they not do? How do they dry them out so that they don't mold? I don't know, but I've had apples that I put in my brown sugar that come out looking pretty bad.

Well, maybe we need to find out.

We should make some.

I know, isn't that it's not interesting, I'm sure after they dehydrate them or something I have no clue.

I really like this group look at the kewpie farmer.

He needs his little.

He needs a little staff right there, but he's cute yeah the rake yeah good, going stan, that's what I meant he's got his little peace sign behind his back he's cute a little skookum people used to actually send those in the mail yep.

Look at this little purse crocheted purse.

It's cute! Look at how delicate this is.

I love that what does that mean out of like a wicker? It looks like it's a wicker, but it's you can see through it.

Some of these cloth dolls are really cute as a raggedy collector, a lot of people really like the mollies they're made by molly.

She actually ripped off johnny grewell at the time she started, creating these around the time that he was very popular and caused him a lot of problems in lawsuits and everything else- and these are these- are the dolls.

They have a very distinctive look and then next one we have actual johnny guerrell dolls.

These are george jeans from the 1940s.

These right here are knickerbocker.

These are georgines from the 40s check this out.

I think these are so fun the brunchner topsy-turvy.

So there you go.

This is cute.

I thought this would be fun in the doll case to put a little something in these are very common, but but fun um, half dolls.

Oh there was one that was really interesting.

This one perfume, oh the bottom of it, is bisque, that's fun with glaze.

Let's see her face, interesting.

Okay, that is adorable, isn't that fun.

That would be a someone project to make, and then there is a lot of just supplies and projects.

I think this was her projects and things that she was going to fix.

Get that fmb major right.

She would look so different, finish and clean twice.

Oh look at that flippers, but do we have another flipper? That's the key here! This is a lot of vodka.

Oh there, it is oh good right there.

Two we have two flippers here again: we'd have to sort sorting.

So yes- and I said we're gonna kind of take people we're obviously not gonna.

Take take you through everything that we're gonna do here, but where do we start so? Where we start is, we generally will take the dolls that are worth the most in terms of commercial value and start there, because that's what we paid for.

So this is a knickerbocker.

I don't care, but look at how cute they are.

I know big, yes, go linda, go all right.

Linda's gonna start with these.

That's cute.

So where we're gonna start is we're gonna, I don't know what are we gonna? We're gonna put the put a lot of it kind of in storage and in our probably sorted okay category.

That's what I would do, but oh good, because guess what I'm gonna do it? Yes, please that's what I would do.

Oh that's cute, linda, didn't move faster than that.

Did I oh that's funny, but we won't know- and I will help linda- I'm just kidding um, but she she is the queen of getting everything sorted.

So we're gonna start there, but it was fun to have all of you along and you'll, see we'll probably do a video with her.

So you can see her transformation.

This would make a very cute boy we'll have to decide, but you'll see, you'll, see the transformation and what we decide to do.

Of course, you'll see a lot of these on our dollar listings on ebay, we'll probably put a lot of them together in different lots and just sell them that way, so you'll see them there and yeah, but it's always fun to share there'd, be a lot of fun things to work on yeah good, you mean for other people, yeah yeah.

Well, thank you for tuning in.

If, if you have a collection to sell, you can always reach us on our salvador section of our website and it's always fun to share a little bit of the behind the scenes and what we're doing.

Thank you linda.

Oh you're, welcome.

Thank you.

It was fun.

It was fun.



Are bisque dolls valuable? ›

They had their peak of popularity between 1860 and 1900 with French and German dolls. Bisque dolls are collectible, and antique dolls can be worth thousands of dollars.

How do you identify a bisque doll? ›

How to identify antique dolls made of porcelain or bisque. There should be two large holes near the shoulders. If the doll's skin has small pores collecting dust and dirt, it's likely bisque not porcelain. Usually the more dirt there is, the older the doll.

How can you tell if a Raggedy Ann doll is real? ›

Yes, it would be of interest to a collector, because you have found an original Raggedy Ann doll designed by Johnny Gruelle, who wrote stories about her. If you look on the front of her torso, there should be a black stamp that reads “Patented Sept.

How to find your antique doll? ›

Look on the doll's feet, head, neck or between the shoulder blades to find manufacturers' marks. Sometimes doll clothing will have tags with names and numbers, too, which can help you identify the doll. A great website for finding a doll's identity is Doll Reference.

How do I know if my doll is worth money? ›

To figure out how much your vintage doll might be worth, look up the sold prices of the same doll in similar condition on auction sites. Remember that a seller can ask anything for a vintage doll, but the price someone paid for one can give you a good sense of value.

How can you tell if a doll is collectible? ›

Research the Maker's Mark

Searching through doll reference books and price guides is often the best way to identify an antique doll's manufacturer mark. Additional methods to identify an antique doll include: Take it to an antique appraiser specializing in antique dolls. Send images to an online doll appraiser.

What is the most expensive German dolls? ›

Bonhams has broken the record for the world's most expensive doll, selling a rare German Kämmer & Reinhardt character doll for £242,500 ($395,750), reports ArtDaily. The Knightsbridge auction, which took place September 24, erupted into a round of applause when the winning bid went through.

How do I identify old bisque figurines? ›

Probably the best clue to age is the feel of the surface. Virtually all old pre-1940 German bisque is very smooth to the touch. The vast majority of new bisque, especially reproductions of antique bisque, is much rougher. Although this is not easily described by words or photos, the difference is quite obvious.

What is the difference between bisque and porcelain dolls? ›

What Are Bisque and Porcelain? As mentioned, bisque is unglazed porcelain. Porcelain is created from a paste of clays and water which is molded and then fired at temperatures above 2300 F. After firing, the molded doll head is fired several times more after applications of paints to create the doll's features.

How do I know if my Raggedy Ann doll is worth money? ›

The Value of Raggedy Ann Dolls

If you happen to own a doll with dark brown hair produced by Volland with a mark reading “Patented September 7, 1915,” you've got a treasure that could be worth more than $1,000. This is a very early Raggedy Ann example coveted by many ardent doll collectors.

Are Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls worth any money? ›

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

They can be worth $500 or more. Johnny Gruelle creator of the dolls preferred cartooning to dolls. Before his death in 1938 he wrote some Raggedy Ann and Andy books, worth in the range of $50 to a $100 today. It was his grandchildren who began marketing Ann and Andy.

What year was Raggedy Ann and Andy? ›

In 1920, Gruelle introduced the Raggedy Andy Stories. In them, when humans weren't looking, Raggedy Ann and Andy came to life and embarked on many adventures. Gruelle averaged one new book each year for twenty years. The books and dolls have remained popular for the past century.

How old does a doll have to be to be antique? ›

Experts typically divide collectible dolls into three groups. Antique dolls are 100 years old or more. Notable dolls from the 50s are considered vintage.

What do doll collectors look for? ›

Some collectors focus on antique dolls made before the 1930s, while others prefer modern dolls made after the 1930s. Ethnic doll collectors look for dolls that represent different cultures, while fashion doll collectors seek dolls that are dressed in fashionable clothing.

What are the most expensive antique dolls? ›

List of the most expensive dolls
  1. L'Oiseleur (The Bird Trainer) doll - $6,250,000. ...
  2. Madame Alexander Eloise - $5,000,000. ...
  3. Barbie by Stefano Canturi – $302,500. ...
  4. Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear – $136,000. ...
  5. Barbie and the Diamond Castle - $94,800. ...
  6. De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie - $85,000. ...
  7. Blue Ivy's Barbie Doll - $80,000.
Mar 14, 2023

What dolls are worth the most money? ›

Most Valuable Collectible Dolls of All Time
  • Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear. ...
  • Rocket Launcher Boba Fett. ...
  • Steiff & Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear. ...
  • Original G.I. Joe. ...
  • Barbie by Stefano Canturi. ...
  • Kämmer & Reinhardt Character Doll. ...
  • Madame Alexander Eloise. Price tag: $5 million.
  • L'Oiseleur (The Bird Trainer) Price tag: $6.25 million.
May 30, 2023

Which American dolls are worth the most money? ›

Without a doubt, the most collectible American Girl dolls are Addy, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha. Look for dolls manufactured in the 1980s. They were first released in 1986, and these original dolls are the most valuable of all of them. Check for white-bodied dolls.

What type of porcelain dolls are worth money? ›

Top 10+ Most Valuable Vintage Porcelain Dolls that Worth Money
  • Other People's Lives: 123 RareGerman BisqueMiniatureDoll with Twill-Wrapped Body. ...
  • bru. ...
  • china head doll mid 1800's. ...
  • A Time For Gratitude: 243 German Porcelain Lady Doll with Braided Chignon and Fine Early Costume.

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