32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (2024)

The big 1-0 is a huge deal for both the parents and the kiddos. To give you a jumpstart on planning, we’ve put together a list of special and fun 10th birthday party ideas to make sure the guest of honor and all of their friends have a blast.

Since your child is entering the second decade of their life and is officially a “tween,” a celebration is most definitely in order. This is your sign to throw an unforgettable party to commemorate the special day!We have plenty of entertainment recommendations, theme party inspiration, as well as a helpful birthday party planning checklist to make your hosting journey a breeze.

Here are 32 exciting 10th birthday party ideas for a milestone celebration:

1. Double Digit Era

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (1)Photo: Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has fans ranging from all different generations, and we have a strong feeling your soon-to-be ten year old is a Swiftie, probably you too. Celebrate the double digit era with a Taylor Swift themed party that will be just as exciting as the Eras Tour itself. Assemble friendship bracelet garland, serve Swiftie inspired food and drinks, and of course you’ll need to listen to Taylor! Consider booking a DJ to play all of Taylor Swift’s top hits for party goers to Shake It Off.

2. Karaoke Birthday Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (2)Photo: Elena Nichizhenova/shutterstock.com

Looking for exciting 10th birthday party ideas for your future musician or singer? We guarantee the birthday boy or girl will love a karaoke party. Elevate this classic party activity for the milestone celebration by hiring a Karaoke DJ from The Bash. These professionals will be able to bring all of the equipment and queue up everyone's favorite songs so you can sit back and enjoy the celebration.

Find a Karaoke DJ

3. Host a Slumber Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (3)Photo: Spill Photography/shutterstock.com

While a slumber party or sleep under is fun for the younger kids, turning 10 could be the perfect opportunity to throw your child’s first official sleepover! Encourage guests to bring their PJs and you’ll handle the rest. Some important parts of the night may include creating their own pizzas, watching the guest of honor’s favorite movies, or even doing some crafts so your guests stay plenty busy before falling asleep!

4. Backyard Movie Night

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (4)Photo: Tatiana Gordievskaia/shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for outdoor 10th birthday party ideas, what’s better than a backyard movie night? Take this summer party classic to the next level by renting a larger than life outdoor movie screen and creating cozy seating areas with pillows and blankets. Set up a popcorn bar with other movie theater treats so guests can snack on their favorites while they watch.

Find a Movie Screen

5. Treasure Hunt

If the guest of honor loves mermaids, pirates, and has a sense of adventure, throw an epic treasure hunt or scavenger hunt party! Carefully craft clues and hide them around the party space to watch everyone solve the riddles and find the buried treasure. You can have guests work in teams, individually, or together in order to find the special prize.

6. Zoo Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (5)Photo: Prostock-studio/shutterstock.com

If your 10 year old is an animal lover, consider hosting a special zoo party for the celebration. Channel the excitement of an African safari by incorporating wild details like a face painter to turn everyone into their favorite animal, giving everyone their own safari hat, and even booking a professional animal handler to bring wildlife to your party. This way, guests will be able to get up close and personal with their favorite creatures safely.

7. Sports Extravaganza

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (6)Photo: matimix/shutterstock.com

If your athlete is turning 10 soon, tap into their interests and love of sports with a sports themed party. Whether they enjoy playing baseball, golf, or football, there are plenty of creative ideas you can incorporate into this celebration. For example, if hosting a baseball themed party, serve stadium hot dogs with all of the fixings, set up a baseball diamond in your backyard for a friendly game, and book a caricaturist to draw each guest in their favorite team’s swag.

8. Pool Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (7)Photo: Sergey Novikov/shutterstock.com

A pool party is a classic summer get-together option for anyone born in the warmer months. Whether you have your own pool or can rent a public one for an afternoon, 10 year olds will love being able to jump in and cool off, especially with their friends. Make sure to have plenty of outdoor games and entertainment options like Cornhole, a DJ to play summer hits, and of course, a variety of delicious snacks.

9. Magic Show

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (8)Photo: fotosparrow/shutterstock.com

On the hunt for magical and fun birthday party ideas? Magic shows are exciting for crowds of any age, especially 10-year olds. Start your search on The Bash to browse local magicians that will leave everyone in awe. These professionals know how to entertain a crowd and get them involved in the show to make this celebration incredible.

Find a Magician

10. Game Night

If your tween is a gamer, a game night birthday party will be right up their alley! Whether they enjoy board games or video games, make sure you have tons of options for their guests so they can compete together or separately. If you’re looking to make this celebration even more special, one of our favorite 10th birthday party ideas is to rent special video games and machines for this big day.

11. Candyland Theme

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (9)Photo: Veronika Sekotova/shutterstock.com

Especially with the latest WONKA movie, candy themed parties are all the rage recently. A Candyland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme is a super creative and fun way to ring in the big 1-0. Go all out with lollipop balloon decor, candy themed games and activities, and even book dessert food carts to serve sweet treats like cotton candy, donuts, and much more.

12. Cooking Class

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (10)Photo: Arina P Habich/shutterstock.com

If your birthday kiddo loves to cook and help out in the kitchen, host the ultimate cooking class for them and all of their friends. Whether they enjoy pizza, sushi, or cookies, gather all of the ingredients, print copies of the recipes, and get cracking. To take this birthday party theme up a notch, you could even book a talented chef to lead this special cooking class and teach the basics.

Find a Chef

13. Escape Room

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (11)Photo: Jerome.Romme/shutterstock.com

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the years since they are full of fun and adventure—perfect for a 10 year old! If you’re not familiar, an escape room is an interactive experience where people are locked in a room and must solve puzzles, riddles, and take part in challenges with a time limit. It’s their job to use the clues before time runs out to unlock the door and escape. Check your area to see if there are any escape rooms that have specific themed rooms for younger visitors!

14. Tropical Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (12)Photo: Deborah Kolb/shutterstock.com

A tropical themed party can work any time of the year, even if you have a winter baby! If it’s warmer out, decorate the luau with palm trees and tropical flowers, bring out the Limbo stick, and hand out traditional leis for party favors. As an added detail, host a cookout with a pig roast, non-alcoholic pina coladas, and shaved ice. Take this tropical theme birthday party to the next level with fire dancers, a steel drummer, or professional Hawaiian dancers.

15. Nerf War

Hosting a Nerf war 10th birthday party promises an action-packed celebration filled with excitement and adventure. Transform your backyard into a battleground, complete with inflatable obstacles and barricades to help set the stage for an epic battle. Equip each guest with their own Nerf blaster and safety goggles so they can play capture the flag, go on missions, or other exciting adventures for a unique 10th birthday party idea.

16. Tea Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (13)Photo: JHershPhoto/shutterstock.com

If you’re thinking of a little kid tea party with stuffed animals and plastic tea pots, think again. This is going to be an elegant Bridgerton style celebration that's fit for the birthday king or queen. Set up a fancy table, make a variety of finger sandwiches with other snacks, and offer a variety of tea, lemonade, and juice options so the guests can try different flavors. To help create a classy ambiance, listen along to our Tea Time Spotify playlist in the background.

Pro Tip: For a unique party activity that doubles as a party favor, book a talented silhouette artist to create custom pieces of art for each guest.

17. Favorite Color Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (14)Photo: Mihail Pustovit/shutterstock.com

A lot of the time, the simplest things create the best party ideas, like a color party! Use your child’s favorite color as the backdrop for their 10th birthday party. Whether your kid loves pink, blue, purple, green, or any other color in the rainbow, decorate with that shade and get color coordinated snacks to match.

18. Camping or Glamping

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (15)Photo: MNStudio/shutterstock.com

Grab some tents, get all the camping necessities, and start preparing your favorite spooky or funny story to share around the fire for a camping party. If your 10 year old isn’t outdoorsy, glamping is another fun party option that is just as exciting. Rent luxury tents to set up in your living room and make s’mores all in the comfort of the indoors.

19. Dance Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (16)Photo: Ground Picture/shutterstock.com

Got a dancing queen or king in your family? Hosting a dance party for their 10th birthday is the perfect way for them to show off their moves and celebrate big. You can even hire a cover band to play your child’s favorite music live for a special birthday experience. Live music is a great way to get partygoers up and dancing all night long.

Find a Cover Band

20. Water Park

Water parks make an exciting summer birthday party idea for a 10 year old. Research your closest water park to see if they have special packages for birthday parties. This way your child and their friends can hang in the lazy river, go down the water slides, and celebrate the big 1-0!

21. Superhero Celebration

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (17)Photo: Nigmatulina Aleksandra/shutterstock.com

Whether your kiddo is a Marvel or DC Comics fan, a superhero celebration always guarantees an epic adventure. Plan a special birthday party by inviting guests to wear their best cape and mask, set up obstacle courses to test their powers, and of course, invite your kid’s favorite superheroes to the celebration. Book a visit from heroes like the Hulk, Spider Man, Bat Woman, and others to surprise everyone at this 10th birthday party. Browse local costumed characters to get the superhero party started.

22. Laser Tag

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (18)Photo: BearFotos/shutterstock.com

Laser tag is a classic birthday party activity for people of all ages! Guests will enjoy gearing up in their vests, teaming up with their friends, and running through courses for a thrilling experience. Many laser tag venues offer birthday packages with special rooms, private games, and may also include special food, drinks, and cake options.

23. Carnival Theme

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (19)Photo: Enrico Della Pietra/shutterstock.com

What 10 year old doesn’t love a trip to the carnival? Between all of the games, rides, and food, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Bring this excitement to your child’s carnival birthday party by booking classic carnival entertainers like stilt walkers, clowns, and human statues. Serve all of the classic carnival treats by renting a food truck to serve cotton candy, lemonade, and fried favorites.

24. Star Wars Theme

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (20)Photo: Chekyravaa/shutterstock.com

Celebrate your 10 year old Jedi with a Star Wars themed party that’s out of this galaxy. Invite their fellow rebels and droids over for a birthday bash filled with lightsabers, Jedi training from the characters, and themed treats like wookie cookies and Yoda soda. Decorate your event space with space themed details that will help turn your venue into the Death Star or Tatooine.

Find Costumed Characters

25. Minute to Win It Games

If the guest of honor loves a challenge and you’re looking to keep the celebrations simple at home, a minute to win it party would combine both of these details into one themed party. Set up quick games like cup stacking, Lego building, and egg tosses.

26. Science Experiments

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (21)Photo: Shaiith/shutterstock.com

If your kiddo has a love for science and loves to try new things, they’ll love performing all types of different experiments at a science party. Grab materials and print out instructions for creating sugar crystals, volcano eruptions, or creating custom slime. Make sure to provide lab coats and goggles to enhance the exciting science theme even more.

27. Disney Princesses

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (22)Photo: Lauren Elisabeth/shutterstock.com

Disney World is the happiest place on earth, so it just makes sense to bring this good energy to your 10 year old’s birthday party. If your tween loves the magical world of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Ariel, take the opportunity to incorporate details from each princess. For example, set up a DIY tiara station, book a royal photo booth, and serve inspired dishes like Mulan’s dumplings, Tiana’s beignets, or fun mocktails.

28. Art Party

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (23)Photo: Weseeel/shutterstock.com

If you have a future Picasso or Monet on your hands, an art party will definitely be the way to go for this milestone celebration! Tap into your child’s interests by setting up individual stations like pottery, crochet, or painting so guests can create their own pieces of art. The best part about an art party is that they can take home whatever they make as a party favor.

29. Around the World Theme

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (24)Photo: I am Kulz/shutterstock.com

Travel the world without leaving your home for a special 10th birthday party idea. Take inspiration from your child’s favorite countries and incorporate these cultural details to the big day. Send out passport invites that guests can bring to the party and get stamped at each country. Then, organize areas for different countries that your child and their friends can visit. For example, book a mime and serve macarons in France, hire a saxophone player and serve beignets in New Orleans, and find a talented singer and serve pizza in Italy.

30. Winter Wonderland

If your child was born in any of the winter months, a winter wonderland party is a fun way to incorporate the holidays and the big birthday all in one! Decorate with plenty of winter decorations like snowflakes and a blue and white color scheme, and get creative with activity ideas. If you’re lucky enough to have some snow on the ground, you can have a snowman building contest, snowball fight, or stay warm inside to watch your favorite winter themed movies. Take inspiration from winter classics like Elf, Frozen, or The Polar Express for this party theme.

31. Aquarium Visit

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (25)Photo: leungchopan/shutterstock.com

A special trip to the aquarium is a perfect 10th birthday party idea! While filled with amazing creatures and mind-blowing facts, aquarium venues also have specific packages for a birthday celebration. This makes it easier to purchase tickets in bulk, have personally guided tours, and have a special area to celebrate the guest of honor. To give your 10 year old a birthday they’ll never forget, consider a trip to an aquarium.

32. Spa Day

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (26)Photo: Ermolaev Alexander/shutterstock.com

Whether you actually go to the spa, book mobile spa services that come directly to your home, or have a DIY spa party, this is a fun and special choice for a 10 year old birthday party. If going the DIY route, make sure to have plenty of nail polish options for manicures and pedicures, offer a variety of face masks, and even set up a station for guests to make their own sugar body scrub or perfume.

Find more kids birthday celebration ideas on The Bash.

32 Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes (2024)
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