10 spring theme party ideas to make your event blossom (2024)

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March 25, 2024

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Birds are singing, buds are blooming, and days are getting sunnier. It’s spring at last—and what better way to celebrate than with a festive spring party?

Let guests know that spring has sprung with one of these spring theme party ideas. From garden parties to gardening parties—yes, there’s a difference—find the perfect way to welcome a new start. We’ve got spring party ideas for adults, kids, and everyone in between—plus spring invitations, refreshments, and décor ideas from Paperless Post Party Shop to match.

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10 spring party theme ideas

If you’re looking to throw a springtime shindig without the Easter bunny making an appearance, find inspiration with one of these 10 spring theme party ideas. They also double as spring birthday party ideas for those with March, April, and May birthdays.

1. Spring brunch

A spring brunch is a fun way to celebrate the season, especially around an outdoor table. Eggs, mimosas, fresh berries—what’s not to love?

  • Invitation: Send guests the beautiful “Windflower” invitation by Oscar de la Renta, or the brunch-themed “Three Tiers” invitation by Happy Menocal.
  • Refreshments: For a traditional spring feast at home with an Easter flair, prepare a ham and cheese quiche by The Pioneer Woman. If you’re hosting at a restaurant, order some mimosas and appetizers that everyone can share.
  • Décor: Set out colorful placemats for a splash of spring color.
  • Pro tip: Let guests know whether your brunch will have a more formal dress code than other spring celebrations. “Sunday best” may be a nice addition to your invitations, unless your group likes to dine on the more casual side.

2. Spring picnic or barbecue

If you’ve been hunkered down all winter, it’s finally time to bring the festivities outside. Plan a spring picnic party to enjoy nature at its fullest and brightest. Host your party anywhere with a pretty spring backdrop, such as a local park, a spacious backyard, or by a lake teeming with fish and frogs.

  • Invitation: Use the “Vineyard Table” invitation by Felix Doolittle or other picnic invitations for that outdoorsy vibe.
  • Refreshments: Barbecue a light grilled lemon-garlic salmon recipe by Taste of Home, perfect for both a BBQ get-together or a packed snack for a picnic.
  • Décor: Serve lunch or dinner on lovely spring-themed paper plates of all shapes, sizes, and flower designs.
  • Pro tip: If picnics aren’t quite your scene, bring your party around the grill for a spring BBQ. These outdoor spring party ideas are especially helpful for larger parties with long guest lists—as long as the weather’s nice, there’s a lot more space for your event!

3. Spring co*cktail party

If your parties tend to be more boozy than bloomy, opt for a spring co*cktail party. These evening celebrations don’t typically include meals for guests, but the seasonal flavors will come through in drinks and appetizers.

  • Invitation: Let guests know that drinks are on the menu with the “Keep Growing” or “Citrus Fuzz” invitations by Paperless Post.
  • Refreshments: Come up with a signature co*cktail to infuse your night with the spring season. The butterfly martini by The Pioneer Woman is a sweet—and pretty—way to harken the birth of a new time of year.
  • Décor: Set out pretty co*cktail napkins for a springtime flourish.
  • Pro tip: Specify that guests should dress in co*cktail attire—or semi-formal, if that’s more your style. And consider hosting at a local hotel ballroom or bar if you don’t have the space in your own home.

4. Spring bouquet party

Bring those spring blossoms inside when you host a spring bouquet party. Have guests over to create beautiful flower arrangements or wreaths to decorate their homes for the spring season.

  • Invitation: Invite guests to your spring bouquet party with a floral invitation, such as “Growing Season” by Paperless Post or “Snapdragons” by Happy Menocal.
  • Refreshments: Bring the flower theme to the refreshment table with lovely spring crostini appetizers by Delicious Table, topped with edible flowers and fresh herbs.
  • Décor: Set out a gorgeous spring centerpiece or floral arrangement for botanic inspiration.
  • Pro tip: If you don’t have an abundance of real flowers, see if you can order fabric flowers in bulk from a local craft store. Especially crafty hosts can lead guests through a paper flower construction session as well—followed by scrumptious spring snacks.

5. Spring dinner party

Celebrate warmer evenings with a spring dinner party hosted at your home or in a more formal venue. Spring dinner party ideas can range from full three-course dinners, buffets, or potlucks with an array of spring salads. Let guests know what to expect—and what they can bring—when you write out your invitations.

  • Invitation: Set the table for a good time when you send the “Bloom Nouveau” or “Van Vliet” invitations by Paperless Post.
  • Refreshments: Light, flavorful, and vegetarian, this spring pesto pasta with asparagus recipe by Ahead of Thyme is bound to be a crowd pleaser.
  • Décor: Hang up springtime garlands to make guests feel like they’re eating in a blooming garden.
  • Pro tip: Consider hosting your dinner party outside even if it hasn’t warmed up fully yet. After a long winter indoors, your guests look forward to the first outdoor event of the season. If it’s chilly, add heat lamps and blankets to the table.

6. Spring tea party

Herbal teas and refreshments are on display when you host a spring tea party. Whether you pour your cuppa in a garden setting or at your dining table, this prim and proper party will be the hit of the season.

  • Invitation: Get the tea party word out with the spring-themed “Tea Party Garden” by Happy Menocal or other tea-party invitations from Paperless Post.
  • Refreshments: If there’s a daintier—or prettier—tea party refreshment than lavender cream scones by Tea Time Magazine, we haven’t seen it.
  • Décor: Decorate your tea party treats with a collection of floral cake toppers.
  • Pro tip: The dress code for a tea party can be slightly more formal than an ordinary brunch. Whether you ask guests to wear fascinators or other tea attire is up to you—but we can’t imagine a tea party without fancy hats.

7. Spring kite party

Sometimes it’s not all bright and sunny during spring—April showers and blustery days happen just as often. That’s why a spring kite party for family and friends on a windy afternoon is a unique twist on a spring party, especially when there’s a craft session to construct the kites and a chance to fly them.

  • Invitation: Invite guests to your spring kite party with the “Brush Up” or “Pass Through” invitations by Paperless Post.
  • Refreshments: Portable and savory, this recipe for Reuben rounds by Taste of Home is a hearty party meal for all.
  • Décor: Hand out spring-themed celebration crackers for one more fun surprise before the party’s over.
  • Pro tip: Competitive guests may want to race their kites or compete for durability. But no matter whose kite goes the fastest, a spread of springtime refreshments will make everyone feel like a winner.

8. Spring Olympics

Who says the Olympics only take place in winter and summer? Start a new tradition with a spring Olympics event that celebrates the outdoors after a bleak midwinter.

  • Invitation: Channel the spirit of the outdoors with the “Colorblocked Border” invitation by kate spade new york or “B.Y.O.C.” invitations by Paperless Post.
  • Refreshments: Since players might be too busy to eat a full meal, supply springtime snacks like sliced apples and carrot cake dip by Delish.
  • Décor: After the events are over, hand out drinks in spring-themed paper cups for pretty decoration and easy cleanup.
  • Pro tip: Cornhole, sack races, egg tosses—it’s all on the table, and it’s all a lot of fun. If your guest list is long, organize a softball game so everyone can play and enjoy a day in the park with good company.

9. Spring pool party

Once the weather warms up enough, it’s time to host the first pool party of the season—even if it’s only April. A spring pool party brings everyone out of their winter funk and into the water, all while enjoying poolside refreshments.

  • Invitation: Evoke pool vibes with the modern “KSNY Pool Party” invitation by kate spade new york or the graphic “Tide Pool” invitation by Jonathan Adler.
  • Refreshments: Sip a strawberry grapefruit mimosa from A Beautiful Mess to enjoy the flavors of spring with a hint of summertime mixed in.
  • Décor: Serve your mimosas—or poolside drink of choice—from brightly colored pitchers perfect for spring.
  • Pro tip: If there’s still a chill in the air, make it a hot tub party instead.

10. Spring gardening party

Even if winter hasn’t been kind to your backyard garden, it doesn’t mean your outdoor space isn’t ready for a party. Invite family and friends over for a party to replant your garden now that the cold weather is gone.

  • Invitation: Invite guests to your gardening party with the pretty “Watercolor Daffodils” invitation by Paperless Post or “Eureka Bower” by Felix Doolittle.
  • Refreshments: Celebrate the bounty of a spring garden with a bright spring salad recipe by Love & Lemons. (When fall harvest time comes around, you can invite all your guests back for a garden feast!)
  • Décor: Use springtime hanging decorations to bring your gardening theme to your indoor or outdoor party space.
  • Pro tip: If they’ve got green thumbs of their own, ask guests to bring cuttings and sprouts from their own gardens to share with you and others. As the party comes to an end, hand out packets of seeds or planter pots as environmentally friendly party favors.

Let your event blossom with Paperless Post

We know that special occasions require a bit of planning and organization. That’s why Paperless Post aims to make hosting parties easy.

Send and share our spring invitations your way, whether that’s by text, email, or shareable link. Add questions to your invitation about dietary restrictions or preferences and allow guests to share more information on a Comment Wall. And don’t worry about those RSVPs: with our instant RSVP tracking, you’ll know exactly who’s coming—and how much food to prepare.

If the date of your spring party falls close to Easter, check out our list of Easter party ideas. Each one comes with suggestions for invitations, refreshments, and decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop. With Paperless Post, you’ll have the springtime of your life—and an amazing party to show for it.

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10 spring theme party ideas to make your event blossom (2024)
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